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Oct 29, 2010 03:46 PM

Can capers in vinegar spoil?

I had a jar of unopened capers in the fridge (because I ran out of room in my pantry when I bought them). They are Trader Joe's superfine capers in vinegar. I just opened the jar for the first time and found some capers are tinged with pink. Is this normal? I really wanted to try CHOW's sauteed brussel sprouts with fried capers recipe tonight. Can brined anything go bad? I tasted a few pink ones, they tasted fine and I feel fine so far.....

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  1. I keep capers in the cupboard (it's not something I use too often and a jar easily lasts a couple of years). Never had a problem.

    1. I don't know about the pink tinge, but I have never seen a caper in vinegar go anywhere near bad.

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        With so much vinegar and salt I can imagine it could spoil. I've had some bottle of capers that sat in my pantry too long. It can go south in texture even though it has not spoiled

        1. re: scubadoo97

          "vinegar and salt I can imagine it could spoil" I believe you may to write "couldn't spoil."

          Sounds like the OP's capers were just fine, from the post downthread, not old, just pink tinged.

          Sure, I would think the caper texture could change over time, say, in 10 years, as anything in vinegar may after prolonged periods, but who has capers in their frig/pantry for 10 years or more (don't answer that, I'm sure there's someone!)

          I once had a jar of grape leaves in brine in my frig for 7 years, I opened them one day and they were just fine, taste, texture, everything was good.

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            Lol I can assure you my jar of capers were not 10 years old. I cannot believe how good fried capers are! It's a great salty crunchy burst of flavour. Even my 2yo liked it.

      2. Thanks! I went ahead and made it. The dish was so so but the fried capers as a garnish were divine!
        Something about the salty crunch that was very good in the dish.