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Oct 29, 2010 03:22 PM

Burgers and wings in Toronto

Hi all,
Coming in to Toronto from Australia with my kids in late december for new years. Any suggestions for great burgers and wings?


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  1. For Burgers, go to Royal Meats on Islington. its more of a 'take out' burger place but the burgers are great!

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    1. re: smiles2u

      I don't agree with this recommendation, as what Royal Meats serves are not really classic burgers at all, but more ground pork patty sandwiches on unusual (albeit house-made) buns with Balkan-derived toppings. Tasty, but not something I would recommend to an out-of-towner looking for burgers and wings. For a true burger experience, visit The Burger's Priest, GBK, or The Stockyards. For burgers and wings from the same place, I have to recommend Allen's. Good Luck.

      1. re: redearth

        all solid choices for burger, but be warned that the service at Allen's can be horrendous, and I mean h-o-r-r-e-n-d-o-u-s

        1. re: shekamoo

          Funny thing with Allen's, go there 20 times, you'll get great service 10 times, you'll get lackluster service 9 times and the remaining time you you get the horrendous.

    2. can you say where you are staying and if you will have transportation? this will make the recs more specific I think..

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      1. re: redhead

        We will be staying around Christie and dupont (????) area and will have transportation.

        1. re: oz_melb

          for burgers: notice bar only seating and no alcohol license. you may be interested in the fried chicken too? best in the city

          1. re: shekamoo

            Because of where you will be staying, I heartily second the Stockyards recommendation.

          2. re: oz_melb

            Harbord House, on Harbord between Spadina and Bathurst, has good burgers and wings. The menu features good quality pub food with some twists. Don't miss the sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

            Harbord House
            150 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H2, CA

        2. -1 on the Royal Meats recommendation, no way..