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Chef Salvatore in Blue Bell - Menu

I thought I'd post this under the restaurant name instead of my confused post of a few months ago...

I stopped by this evening after work and grabbed a copy of the dinner menu. as far as I can tell they have not posted it online yet.

We haven't been yet, I'm hoping to hear from someone who has... :)

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  1. We went there last night. The worst experience!! It took 1/2 hour for our bottle of wine to arrive. We both ordered salads that did not require any cooking. They took 45 min. come. Although our entrees were good, they took another 45 min. to arrive. The waitstaff was sooo unorganized. The next table came in the same time that we did. By the time we were leaving, they still had not gotten their entrees, they decided to leave. All of the people that were in the same room, decided they would not return. The manager was no help, at all. Where was the chef/owner? He was not on premises.

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      Tried this restaurant yesterday for lunch. Save your money - horrible, horrible, horrible. It's pretty bad when you mess up a panini.
      Overly staffed for lunch hour with few patrons. Service was rushed and food came out of the kitchen freezing cold.
      Despite renovations since changing from carpet in main dining room was stained and dirty.
      Not a pleasant experience at all. Won't ever return.

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        We went there for dinner sometime in October as well and while I would agree that the service was not great, the food was excellent. The restaurant had just opened in October...for those of you who want great service you should know never to go to a restaurant within the first few weeks of opening as they need to work through some kinks.
        We went back with friends this past weekend and had great service and a nice meal. Great arugula salad, great lasagna, great veal dishes, etc and all dishes I think were under $20!
        I think you should give it another try!!

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          Your optimistic review is good news! We hope it does recover from what was an extremely poor start! Good locations, great building( excluding the dirty carpet) and reportedly good food at a good price served nicely. Finally, we hope it sticks. Love to hear other updates!

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            debfoodie, Since this is your first post and we don't know you, everything is "great" compared to what?

        2. correction: despite renovations since changing from Dominicos, the carpet in the main dining room was stained and dirty.

          1. A good friend of mine went last week with a large group for her birthday. she said it was excellent, and the service was good. She's pretty fussy about service, so I take that as a compliment from her. we're going to try C.S. out soon. :)

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              We will look forward to your comments, juju. Hmmm does seems strange that debfoodie has not commented here previously: then these superlatives on CS. But then we all have had a first post, haven't we?

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                Trying to convince DH that we should go Friday. not sure he'll go for it.
                yeah, we all had a first post, we will see if Debfoodie joins us again! :) I think my first post was asking for info... testing the waters so to speak, lol!

            2. So we finally made the 2-mile "trek" to Chef Salvatore for dinner, lol, and had a lovely meal.
              even tho we did not have a reservation, we were given a booth right away. A little too close to a man playing the accordion, so it was a little loud. but he was pretty decent, so I didn't mind too much.
              I had a glass of the house Pinot Grigio, very nice.
              My app was a bowl of today's soup, Minestrone - delish! I'm such a sucker for a good bowl of soup! DH had a 3 cheese sampler, which he enjoyed and thought was generous.
              I had the Piccata Di Vitello Al Limone - veal medallions in white wine, butter, lemon sauce. it came with scalloped potato and "veggie medly" which was zuke and yellow squash with red pepper. the veal was wonderful - lemony and tender. the scalloped potato was tasty, not terribly cheesy, but I liked it.
              DH had the Rigatoni Bolgnese - the sauce has veal, lamb and beef and was wonderfully rich and hearty. he managed to bring 1/2 home, I'm not sure how! lol.
              we shared an order of their tiramisu, which vanished in a blink it was so good! not too rich, very flavorful.
              Service was great, our waiter's name was Michael. He was attentive w/o being bothersome, and funny. DH accidentally pulled the tablecloth with him when he got up to use the restroom. My wine spilled and before I knew it, Michael whisked the glass away and came back with just about the same amound DH spilled! dunno why, but that really made an impression on me.
              I saw the chef a couple times, surveying the room, making sure things were ok. They were having a problem with the lights near us, they were kind of flickering. Michael asked if we were enjoying the strobe lights with the music. :)
              total price for our dinner was about $70, not something we'll do every day, but we will go back for sure. There are many things on the menu I want to try.

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                Thanks for making the "Trek" and for your comprehensive report. Good News indeed! A new dinner option locally is always "Good News!" Hats off to Salvatore for the quick turn around in service!!!!!!!!!!

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                  we're always willing to take one for the team, lol! :)
                  I'll be interested to hear other folks impressions.

              2. Chef Salvatore – Blue Bell

                We ate here on New Year’s Eve with several other couples. Here is the quick summary:

                Wait staff: B
                Food: D
                Price/Value: F

                Our waitress was friendly, attentive and apologetic.

                The food looked and tasted like most of it was prepared well in advance and then warmed up prior to serving. The breading on the veal parmigiana was dark brown and dry and tasted like it had been fried much earlier. The spaghetti that accompanied the veal parmigiana was overcooked. The veal and prosciutto in the veal saltimbocca was chewy and tough. The asparagus was mushy too. The saltimbocca and its side dishes were lukewarm and cold. The waitress removed my plate and said that another table had also complained that their veal saltimbocca was cold. Another plate of food was brought out and to my horror; it was my original plate of food that had simply been reheated (likely microwaved). This is inexcusable. I brought this to the waitress’ attention and she was very apologetic. The manager stopped by and asked if I wanted something else (on the house), but I declined as I had lost my appetite. The manager offered to comp us a future meal, but the food is so bad that I would not return, even for a free meal.

                The food did not have that bright/shiny look of freshly prepared food. It all looked dull and lifeless.

                Also worth noting is that there were “special” New Year’s Eve menus for the evening. The only thing different about the evening were the menus and the prices; no special music, no complimentary champagne, etc. However, the prices for items on the New Year’s menus were significantly higher than their usual prices on the everyday menu. For example:

                Antipasto: usually $8.95 was $12.00
                Caesar salad: usually $6.95 was $7.50
                Mixed salad: usually $5.75 was $7.50
                Veal Parmigiana: usually $18.00 was $24.95
                Veal Saltimbocca: usually $19.00 was $27.95

                Bottom line – we will never go back and you should avoid this place. I’ve had off meals at good restaurants, but all indications are that this was not the case. This was an off meal at an off restaurant. This restaurant seems to be actively working on fulfilling the curse of this location and I will be surprised if it lasts a year.

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                  Thanks RSR, great detail and valuable comments. Inconsistent seem to be the kindest word one can use to describe Chef S. Nothing more unsettling than a Jeckel and Hyde restaurant. Your horror story is quite convincing and greatly appreciated.

                2. Don't know why a restaurant in this location can't seem to do well. Decided to give Chef Salvatores a try recently. The decor has changed a bit, and the atmosphere is inviting and warm. Asked the waitress what was particularly good there and she said the pizzas. We should have taken her advice. I had the salmon with mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and finished in a brandy demi glace. I thought the preparation seemed odd, and it was. I really couldn't eat the salmon as it was over cooked and the sauce and vegetables just didn't go well with the taste of the fish. The oven roasted potato wedges that came along were obviously previously cooked and then reheated. Chewy and dried up.My husband had the lobster ravioli ad it was OK, not great, but OK. We really enjoy the food at our favorite local Italian pizzeria, Il Giordino in Springhouse much more, and their lobster ravioli is terrific. Chef Salvatore was out and about in the bar area and through out the restaurant chatting with friends and customers. He came around to our table and asked how everything was, and we wimped out and said fine. I just didn't feel like he was asking because he really wanted to know, but more of a required gesture. He moved right along and really wasn't interested in chatting with us. If he had glanced at our plates it would have been obvioius by the food left on them. I will say that the pizzas coming out of the kitchen did look very good. Maybe he needs to stay in the kitchen more and supervise the food preparation. When I read his bio, I was expecting a knockout meal. Really nothing special and nothing to make us go back. We'll stay loyal to Il Giordino. Food is better and it's a BYOB!