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Oct 29, 2010 03:10 PM

Le Gaigne Oct 29, 2010

Realtively new to the Paris dining scene but had to try to recapture the magic of the 1st trip, including a repeat visit. Noticed a couple of recent posters disappointed here, but compelled to return. Special off menu item a mushroom soup with seared fois gras - wonderful complements to each other and the fois gras easily 3 times the usual USA dining portion, done to perfection.

Terrine of hare (lievre) from the regular menu followed by a roasted loin of hare were both exceptional and pleasing.

Roasted cod was outstanding (my wife's) and one of my dearest and oldest friends had the 5 course degustation and was quite pleased.

Geoffrey rose de saigne 2007 was reasonably priced / value and enjoyment as was the 2008 Coume el Mas Collioure "Schistes" 2008 - the 2007 was well rated by Parker but they were sold through so we had the 2008 - a very pleasing Rhone blend - personally drank in the 90 point range for score keepers - that is to say a very happy bottle of old vine grenache at a reasonable price. Unfortunately the Gauby vielle vignes is no longer on the list.

tab about 250 Euro for 3 including splurge drinking and unbridled ordering.

Reception and service were in keeping w memory of being very friendly helpful and relaxed. I speak a little French and don't recall Aurelie speaking English last year but this year she spoke a fair amount, enough for a complete non-French speaker to have a an easy enough time with the evening.

The negative to neutral at best recent posts were not in keeping with tonight's dinner, which was outstanding and worth every sou.

More to come pertaining to other restos as time allows later in the week.

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  1. I had a very disappointing dinner a year ago.I thought they were taking advantage of the NY times article and the place was full with tourists.IT seems things are different now,based on rhonemonger's comments and that of John Talbot's in his recent review.My experience was so bad , however that even now I am reluctant to go back.

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      When I lunched there a few weeks ago, I had the impression we were the only non-French table. But admittedly I don't pay much attention to whether others spoke our languages.

      1. re: Parigi

        It varies I think. I've been there at the only non-French table and also when they have been other Anglo visitors. More distressing is my friend Perre's experience which reflects that of others. Until they let me down, however, I'll keep going.

    2. Does Parker call Coume el Mas a "Rhone blend"? It's not from the Rhone district, after all, and one of the three grape varieties in the blend (Carignan) isn't particularly associated with the Rhone, either.

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        No Parker doesn't - my term and arguably misused - mostly grenache with a little carginan - as some Rhones are all grenache, it seemed close. I would have to check what Rhones proper have a some Carignan, but I think its an allowed varietal, Southern France blend might have been a more accurate term. I was under the effects when i wrote the post. Apologies for any misinformation.

      2. I ate at La Gagne in mid-October and was very disappointed for the price and chef reputation. Can't remember what we had, but felt the service was very cool, and the food mediocre. The presentation of food looked fine, and the intent was clearly to set out food that was not your ordinary French bistro fare, but we all felt that the meal was drab in flavor and execution, except for some beets we had in the first course. Would definitely not recommend or return. Much better experience at Le Temps au Temps and La Table d'Eugene, both of which I found through this board.