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Oct 17, 2005 03:33 AM

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour . . .

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any surviving?

Lately, I've been awash in nostalgia and the branch of Farrell's on Hawthorne Blvd. just North of PCH in Torrance (now an El Pollo Inka and prior, Ed Debevic's) was the spot during my 80s high school years. Rumors abound that a sole branch exists. I suppose I could always Google but I'd rather find out here through a fellow foodie.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. yes, one did reopen up around Aquora or Calabasas? maybe, been a couple of years i think and haven't heard anything about em after the first local review.

    I'll look into it. That Torrance spot was my ole stomping ground around the same time also, small world....;)

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    1. re: dano

      i remember farrell's too!!! i used to go there when i was a little little little kid :). i miss it!!! what was that thing called.....the pigs trough???? haha

    2. There's one in Santa Clarita:

      21516 Golden Triangle Road Santa Clarita, CA 91350-2612

      And I just read in the OC Register that a legal battle has just been won between the company that owns the trademarks for Farrell's and some OC investors that wanted to open them up again.

      So, it would appear that we might see more Farrell's in the future sometime...if all the lawyers will get out of the way...



      1. There was just an article in the OC Register about Farrell's. Seems the owners of the franchise rights in CA just won a lawsuit against against the owner the the Farrells' name and trademark. They were scheduled to open branches in Aliso Viejo and at the Block in Orange. Maybe there will be more Farrell's in your future...