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What to Do with Leftover Candy Corn

Any ideas? I had a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids today, and most parents who were told to bring candy brought a couple of bags of candy corn. I'm inundated.

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  1. The other day, there was a spot on Regis and Kelly about using candy corn to decorate. There were kissing balls with candy corn hot-glued to styrofoam balls, garlands, branches hung with little buds formed from candy corn, etc. Info is on their website. To make them permanent, a craft varnish must be applied.

    1. Freeze it, but do leave one bag out to go stale (very good this way) and then graze on it over the next few weeks. I keep a bag in my car throughout the month of October. It's really too sweet to do anything with it other than eat it plain, and since it is very cheap, it would not be wrong to throw it out after you get sick of it. Or, as greygarious suggests, you can use it as a craft material.

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          Haha, I'm definitely not a candy corn lover, but that martini is about the best way to consume it I've ever seen!

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              And this is why you are the MartiniGenie!!

        2. candy corn rice krispie bars
          divinity with candy corn
          carmel corn with candy corn
          ice cream with candy corn
          Love candy corn, I saw a candy corn cocktail, it was a layered cocktail with cream float.

          1. Mix the candy corn with peanuts and Sugar Babies and you have a mix that tastes like a Salted Nut Roll.

            1. I would add some milk with the candy corn, heat it up, and use it for bread pudding.

              Or chop it up, incorporate some granola and chopped salted nuts, and use it as pie topping (like a cinnamon crumble topping for apple pie).

              1. burn it and bury it! hate the stuff! ( :

                1. Scroll down, past the Brain Cupcakes to find the Candy Corn Parfaits.


                  1. melt it down and mix it into the marshmallows and butter for candy corn rice krispie treats... reduce marshmallows accordingly. or increase the krispies. you can also do this with popcorn.

                    use to fill baked apples... core and fill with cinnamon, candy corn, etc. cover in a baking dish with apple juice concentrate and bake til apples are soft and center is gooey.

                    melt it down with a little butter, then dip apples... a new take on "candied apples"

                    fill cookies -- make sugar cookies, cut rounds, place a couple of candy corn on top of half of them. top with the other half, seal and bake.

                    1. I seriously disliked candy corn until I made my own yesterday. Everyone loved it and was sneaking pieces all night.

                      1. Sorta funny candy corn story: I didn't even like candy corn when I was a kid, and used to eat the pieces in sections, according to the color, hoping that the different sections would have varied flavors, I don't know what I was expecting, but they don't, as we know.

                        1. I also melt it. Melt 10 seconds at a time in the microwave until liquid then use it as a dip for fruit, to drizzle over cupcake, add to s'mores! It's another alternative for fondue.