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Oct 29, 2010 02:06 PM

lucky fifth time in Palermo

Dear Chowhounders, and especially Erica and Katie Parla (thank you!),
end of the year a new visit to heavenly Palermo will follow - where to go next?!

Been visiting happily Sant'Andrea (will go back - great!), Bye Bye Blues (great - definitely go back), most street food places (near vucceria, mr aldo, some pink garage, and more), and many more.

Who knows about (not visited):
gigi mangia
il grilli (and do not tell you have to be buzzed in...)
ai mandarini (or is it ai cascarini)?
bellotero (now on the list)
sapori perduti (on the list)
il ristorantino
scuderia (not scuderio)??!?
Anything new or else?!

Thank you!! Thank you!!

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  1. (with 'not visited' I mean that I did not visit that place, hope you have and can shine your light on it, thanks!)

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    1. re: Willem

      Willem thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately I have not visited Palermo in a few years so I am useless in your quest for this trip. But I hope that some good tips are forthcoming!

    2. Hi Willem, of the places on the list i have only been to 091 once two years ago and i found it mediocre at best. When I am in Palermo, I go to Zia Pina for lunch or grab some panelle, pane ca meusa, or cardo fritto in the ballaro' market or grilled stuff in borgo vecchio. Massaro is my spot for snacks and desserts (their setteveli is to die for) and Le Cremolose has amazing granite (but maybe not in the winter). i usually have dinner at friends' houses so unfortunately im not so up on the restaurant circuit. sorry! i hope you will let us know how they are. ciao!

      1. Thank you both! Zia Pina indeed is great! I will report back after NYE. Ciao

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        1. re: Willem

          just posted report on Palermo trip