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Oct 29, 2010 01:29 PM

Anyone been to Bo'Finger downtown recently?

Want to bring a friend to a resto downtown and thought Bo'Finger sounded good. Haven't found a recent postings about it here so I thought I'd ask.

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  1. I went recently for lunch. I had two pork ribs with the South Carolina sauce, with 1 piece of texas toast (included) and the green salad (as my selected side). It was good, however I had eaten at the NDG location a month or so prior to that, and I really enjoyed the food there more.

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    1. re: unlaced

      I ate at the Parc st. location on Monday, had wings a poutine and a pulled pork sandwich. It wasn't fantastic but it wasn't bad either. Washed it all down with a couple of pints...

      1. re: Naga Jolokia

        Thanks. I had a hankering for BBQ and I work downtown, so I thought I'd give it a shot, but not if you guys were going to pan it! I'll report back afterwards.