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Oct 29, 2010 01:05 PM

Toucheh? Dinner tonight in NDG/Westmount

Hi all, I'm trying to organize quickly a dinner for tonight. I've been wondering about Toucheh. Apparently a fusion of Iranian and Italian? If anybody has been, would you recommend it? If not, any other places that spring to mind?


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  1. I've been a couple of times - it's a BYOB which is a major plus. The food is OK - nothing outstanding, but pleasant and the place is cosy and the staff friendly and attentive. I'd recommend it.


    1. My friends found the food to be quite amazing, however, I found it rather average (for example, their steak, they pour this very thick tomato base sauce, which for me is a turn off since i love my steak plain with spices), nothing to write home about, but the BYOB is always a welcome addition, and the staff is very friendly. I hope you don't plan on going a date afterwards, because they LOVE their garlic.

      1. We ended up in a completely different part of town and had a nice dinner at Chipotle y Jalapeno. It was quite good although a tad pricier than what we were planning on spending tonight.