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Oct 29, 2010 12:36 PM


Can anyone help. We are arriving in Orlando on Christmas Day from the UK and are staying in the Dr Phillip area,

Can anyone advise me of where we can eat on Christmas evening as I do not seem to be having any luck.

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  1. what do you want to eat? Seasons 52 is right there, it might be open on Christmas. There are actually a ton of restaurants right there, many of which will probably be open, and those that are open probably won't be too busy. In that area I like Amura a lot if you're a fan of sushi, the Rolls Royce roll is excellent. Cedar's is a great lebanese restaurant, Timpano's is just OK, Moonfish is hit or miss, the Thai place was mediocre, Christini's is great italian but be prepared to pay thru the nose for it, and I think there's an Ocean Prime there too (avoid it)

    Ocean Prime
    7339 W Sand Lake Rd # 400, Orlando, FL

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      Thanks for that. I have called Seasons 52 already and they are not open. They did not seem to know what might be open. We do have a fussy son with us who would prefer something less fishy and more meaty. Perhaps someone could save some Thanksgiving turkey!!

    2. The Grand Bohemian has a lovely Christmas brunch as do most of the Disney area resort hotels. You will get a wonderful meal...even thought you will have to drive a bit it will be worth it.