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What sauce would you use on a fig, goat cheese & prosciutto pizza?

What sauce would you use on a fig, goat cheese & prosciutto pizza? Don't know if it should be a standard tomato based sauce, pesto or alfredo sauce. What are your suggestions?

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  1. I wouldn't use a "sauce", just some really nice olive oil and salt and pepper, maybe some chili flake. Let those other flavors shine.

    1. If it were me, I'd mix the goat cheese with a bit of pure maple syrup and use that to spread on the crust; top with prosciutto & sliced figs

      1. I agree with mrsgodfrey. Maybe a little balsamic

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          1. Another recommendation for no sauce. You have three wonderful and complementary flavors already. There's something called balsamic fig condiment. If you can manage to get some, you could brush a little on the dough to enhance the fig flavor. Or you might try a little not-too-sweet fig jam. Otherwise, you're better off with just the three three star ingredients.

            1. Maybe mix a little fig jam w/balsamic or with the goat cheese?

              1. Don't use a sauce at all. it would ruin it. If you want, after you pull the pie from the oven, you can drizzle or mist if you have a mister with balsamic vinegar but don't put it on before cooking.

                1. Depends how good your prosciutto is. Balsamic if you must, but just olive oil is my preference. Port reduction would be interesting.

                  1. How about a bit of browned butter with sage on the crust?

                    1. Thanks for the replies - I will brush the crust with only olive oil! Can't wait to put it on the grill and enjoy.