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Oct 29, 2010 10:22 AM

Help - Philly Restaurant Sugggestions - not BYOB

My Dad has a client coming to philly next month, who is bringing his wife and four children ages 6 -17. So, with my Dad and mom that makes 8.

Can anyone recommend a nice place in the city that will not break my dad's bank account? Maybe entree's of about 25 per person.

The place cannot be load or raucous,

Food: American, French, Italian.

Anything you guys could throw at me would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Beau Monde or Bistrot La Minette? Possibly Fork. Le Virtue (passyunk Ave)

    1. Le Virtu, on Passyunk Avenue. Let him ask for the smaller room. I think it's more suitable for children than Fork, which is kind of dark.

      We just had a lovely meal at Apollinaire, in Northern Liberties on the outer rim of the Piazza.
      Delicious food, casual, not crowded, moderate prices.

      Both of these places have street parking, though it's more difficult in Northern Liberties.

      1. How about a restaurant like Rembrandt's? They have pizza and burgers for the kids, and entrees are in your price range. It is a comfortable kind of place and not too noisy. I don't think he'd spend a fortune there.