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Oct 29, 2010 10:20 AM

NEW Mexican restaurant coming to Englishtown

I was driving through Englishtown today, and saw this place, before the auction/fleamarket, on the right hand side (Not sure if it's Wilson Ave. or Englishtown Rd. at that point). "Coming Soon" in the window, written out in blue duct tape. It was a standalone building adjacent to a strip mall that had a DD and a Subway.

The sign was already up... it'll be called Cholula; (the rest of the wording was in Spanish). I think "Authentic Mexican" was in there somewhere, too. I've learned to take "Authentic Mexican" with a grain of salt since Paco's Tacos landed in Marlboro, but this place seems promising. No idea as to when they'll open. Hopefully soon!

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  1. I guess I'm in the minority that actually likes Paco's :-D

    New places are good though, hope this place is a keeper.

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      If it's New Mexican food then I would recommend you to eat there. I have a New Mexico prepared foods to go only in Gloucester Mass. We ship the famous Hatch green chiles up every harvest season Aug thru Sept. I have lived in Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico for many years and the food is unique and flavorful. My customers love the green chile and red chile sauces. To see if it's really New Mexican fare when you order a enchilada or burrito ask for Christmas on top.That is the red and green sauce. Some of my customers who traveled to New Mexico would come in and ask for Christmas and I would say sure thing and then they knew it was the real deal. Let me know in the furture.

      Santa Fe
      5203 Palisade Ave, West New York, NJ 07093

      1. re: Chilichoice

        Found a phone number. Haven't called yet.

        Cholula Restaurant
        24 Wilson Ave
        Manalapan, NJ 07726
        (732) 786-0080

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          Is that the building that used to be the Polish deli a few years back?

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            Glancing through the "Shop-a-Holic" (really bad name for a magazine, but anyway), I see that Cholula is now open for business. Same address as I posted, different phone number: 877-95-TACOS. There's some $ off coupons in there. Offering "Free Local Delivery" and "Authentic Mexican Food". Open 7 days 9AM - 10PM. Unfortunately, no website listed.

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              totally interested to hear how Cholula is...Paco's is o-k, nothing great (but have had worse too).

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Cholula has great Mexican food at reasonable prices, MUCH better than Paco Taco, which is not authentic.

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          1. re: jerseygirl70

            Finally tried this place out on Friday. Really, really wanted to like it. Might give it another try for takeout, but, I wasn't too impressed.

            First of all, they were out of horchata. Bummer. I had a Jarritos grapefruit soda instead. Also, there were two large flat-screen TVs, both on the same channel.. a fairly raunchy Spanish game show that my daughter was completely absorbed in (my wife walked out towards the end of the meal).

            Anyway, I had 4 tacos.. al pastor, carne asada, goat, and spicy pork. The meat was dry.. what wasn't dry was fatty and gristly. Not sure what "good" is, but I've had better tacos at Taco Bell when they had their short-lived "street taco" line.

            The cheese quesadilla my daughter had was really good. My wife didn't like her chicken burrito, said it had a weird texture. The waitress was surly.. at the very least, she never smiled... maybe because we were gringos.

            Got a piece of tres leches cake to go. It was inedible.. there was fruit in it and it tasted spoiled, it wasn't good enough that I wanted to take a chance. I've never heard of fruit in tres leches cake.

            So, first experience not too great, like I said I MIGHT try it again, but takeout only. And I'm certainly not in a rush.

            1. re: jerseygirl70

              Paco's Tacos is now closed. Gone. In its place will be "Mixed Greens and Grill" which is an expansion of the restaurant of the same name on Rt. 9 North in Manalapan. And next to that? Coming soon - "16 Handles".. wait for it.. frozen yogurt! It's getting to be that the frozen yogurt places will outnumber the Italian joints.

            2. Food was terrible. This is yet another business that will fail at this location. Meat was cold and tough. Tortilla was mushy. Have had better food at Taco Bell

              1. I LOVE Mexican food. The place in Hoboken, 121 Washington, is outstanding. But, since I live near Englishtown, I have been to Cholula. I think the food is excellent. If anyone has had other results, give it another try. I have never had a bad meal. I do love their fajitas.