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Oct 29, 2010 08:33 AM

Joan Nathan coming out with a new cookbook.

Joan Nathan, reknown Jewish Cookbook author and lesser known restaurateur, is coming out with a new cookbook that mixes Jewish cuisine with French and traces some history between the two. I don't know anything about how good her previous cookbooks are as I've not cooked from them, but this could be an interested look.

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  1. I have her "Jewish Cooking in America" which won both Julia Child and James Beard cookbook awards in 1995. I can't say enough good about it-- opened at random just now, I learn that Jewish immigrants from Poland and the Ukraine liked the sour tastes they knew at home, like rye bread, dill pickles, and "tschav"-- sorrel soup. Then, a recipe for Spinach-Rhubarb soup, an adaption because spinach was easier to find in US cities than sorrel. Then, a recipe for Cream of Sorrel Soup, from Benjamin Kaplan, former State Supreme Court Justice (Massachusetts). He remembered it from his Bronx son-of-immigrants childhood.

    The whole book is fascinating--the new invention Crisco was advertised by Proctor & Gamble in 1910:
    "..Hebrew race has been waiting for 4000 years". (Not an animal product, kosher.) And they printed a cookbook for it in Yiddish and English.
    This book is recipes from all over the world, from Jews in America--so if her new book is how Jewish and French cooking intersects I'll bet it is just as worthwhile.

    1. I would be very interested in the history connecting Jewish and French cooking.

      The book will be meticulous. She knows what she's talking about. And is very generous in her comments and thoughts.

      1. Bump
        Anyone have this book? How are the recipes?

        1. So I thought the closer for the MN Twins had come out with a cook book and I didn't know the Joe Nathan liked to cook. I am still interested in checking out this book.