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Oct 29, 2010 08:11 AM

Candied fruit for a christmas cake

I'm getting ready to make my christmas cakes (dont flame me, I know americans feel quite strongly about this!!)

Anyone know a good place to get candied peel? I know the british stores have some small containers for extortionate prices, but maybe there is somewhere else I dont know about? Please no nasty green cherries, ick!

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  1. Jenny,

    Windmill Farms in Del Cerro has a decent selection of dried fruit (some of it candied), I don't know, tho',that I've seen candied peels there.

    I usually order most of my dried fruit from Kalustyan in NYC. They ship and the quality is good. Here's the link - - I seem to recall that it takes about 3-days to get the product as it's been ordered

    1. I think I got something at TipTop (or the place next to it) the last time I made a pudding. I also got some stuff (like suet) at the british stores so I can't remember all of what came from where. Darn my hard-sauce-fogged memory.

      1. Have you checked out Major Market. up in Escondido?

        1. Thanks for the suggestions, it turns out that my favourite local market, Balboa International Market has them, a big container for $5. Need chopping up but they will be great!

          I also got some free bread, I guess they are trying to start selling more bread, it kind of looked like a nan, but less greasy with sesame seeds on top. It takes me back to our days of ordering a giant 'table nan' when I grew up in the UK and went for Baltis!