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Oct 29, 2010 07:56 AM

Embassy foods?

I was at the Pakistani high commission in Lowndes Square (Knightsbridge) where I found a fairly decent food stall. It got me wondering whether there are other embassies/ high commissions which sell cheap, good cooked food from home in London. Any tips?

Brief review: This was a small stall selling Pakistani street food (in the garden to the right of the embassy). I had a decent plate of Pakistani style dahi bhalla with chana chaat (3 pounds). Good flavouring with the classic freshness and gentle background heat. Lacked pakoria, and the bhalla dumplings, though homemade (of the daal + chickpea variety rather than just chickpeas) were slightly dense. Next time I'll try the chicken biryani which seemed very popular, and can be accompanied with the classic side of shami kebabs. Tea was from tea bags, and not proper doodh pati.

They appear to be open from around noon, and whilst the line was extremely long around 1.30pm, at other times there were never more than 3-4 people queuing. Be careful not to get in the parallel line for the photocopier which is much longer.

To summarise: If I were in Pakistan I'd sniff at it, but in London it's a fair taste of food from home, and both cheap and quick.

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  1. how unbelievably awesome. I shall get down to the Australian High Commission today and demand they start selling vegemite on toast, lammingtons and pie floaters.

    Seriously though, how absolutely delightful? It's just on the commission's grounds?

    1. nice one! the original embassy tip was jim leffs indonesian embassy in new york tip - one of the most memorable reviews of an embassy canteen ever. it still makes for fun reading - the eclectic gourmets guide to new york.

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        Maybe I can sell blintzes outside the American Embassy.

      2. I'm just amazed that the photocopier is in the garden too ... :o)