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Oct 29, 2010 07:24 AM

Are t&t's geoduck "sashimi" grade?

Are t&t's geoduck "sashimi" grade? the only way i know how to prepare geoduck is to dunk it in almost boiling water for 10 seconds then eat... can you do that with the geoduck from t&t or would i have to cook them more?

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  1. I don't know if they're sashimi grade, but I've had them like that before and lived to tell the tale.

    1. As an aside, which is the better market in Mississauga - Yuan Ming or T&T? Or is there another you can recommend?

      1. Try slicing it up and stir-frying over high heat with veggies - Chinese chives for example. Tastes great with a spicy kick too.

        1. All 'live' geoduck in fish tanks are sashimi grade! And since T&T sells live ones in tank they must be!!
          For sashimi preparation, after you remove the 'trunk' from the shell. 'Bang' it on the counter top a couple of times to 'stiffen' up the muscle and thus creating a more 'crunchy' texture! ( special preparation secret passed on to me by a Japanese sushi chef! )

          1. I've never bought do you know if a Geoduck is "live" vs. dead? Is there a certain time of the year they are in season?

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              In the wild, geoduck clams burrow themselves into the sand and remain stationary. So, in reality, harvesting them can be done all year round.
              Sign to check whether they are still alive is to see whether they still siphon and squirt out water at the tip of the 'trunk'.

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                hmmm i notice two grades of geoduck at t&t.. one tank holding either very small or gigantic geoduck, and one tank hold medium sized, nicer coloured ones for double the price... didnt know how to choose so i didnt get.. i just poked them around and they didnt do anything... ill try dunking them in the water to see if they squirt.. .they feel more stiff then i thought, kinda like an elephant trunk

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  i remember when they used to be inexpensive. We used to dig for them out in BC. until they became popular and started showing up in chinese restaurants.
                  Prices have come down recently and yes, we do buy them for sashimi. . We find that even blanching for 1 min - difficult to do it right and it gets chewy.
                  We love getting sashimi grade scallops as well - from Taro's or Kensington.

                  1. re: caitlink

                    I remember those days. They went for something ridiculous like $1 a pound. Kind of gets me thinking about gas prices too, sadly.