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Oct 29, 2010 06:52 AM

Thyme in Yorktown

Anyone been to or heard anything about Thyme? The co-chef is Neil Ferguson who earned a Micheline star while at Allen and Delancey. He also worked at Soho House and cooked at Monteverde. Anyhow was just looking to see if anyone has been yet and their thoughts.


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  1. Had dinner there two weeks ago and lunch this afternoon. The Costello / Ferguson team is really working. Solid menu and wine selections in a sophisticated setting. Reservations for dinner is wise after 7:00.

    1. Drove by and looked at the menu which was to say the least uninspiring.
      It's SO dead simple that the place is either going to have to be fantastic or completely boring.

      Grilled tuna with tomato vinaigrette? Grilled steak with leaf spinach? Chicken breast with mashed potatoes?
      This is the menu *I* make in a week.
      As I said, either they are Craft, or they are boring.

      I'll try it and report back; but it didn't make us want to go running in.
      Going out, to me, means having food I don't, or can't, make.

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        The menu is rather plain but it's well prepared. They're doing very well so I think they made the right decision on what to serve, and obviously most people do not feel the same way as you do about what they want to order when they eat out. We ate there last Saturday and all appetizers and entrees were excellent. The mushroom pizza was especially great (and a real surprise).

        BTW to OP, had you searched on Thyme, you would have found an existing thread, although it claims there to be in Cortlandt Manor.

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          I don't see how it's "obvious" what people want when they eat out a all.
          Morimoto and WD-50, for easy example, seem to be doing fairly well serving food that no one makes at home; most likely doing a lot better than Thyme.

          Beyond, "entrees were excellent", can you share what you had and what you liked about it?

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            My point was that people do not agree with your assessment that they are not interested in eating at a place with an unadventurous menu. Also not everyone is at the same skill level of cooking. What you claim you can cook at home may be well beyond the ability of many people. And if everyone agreed with you that they were not interested in eating at a place with a menu like Thyme's, they would not have been full the night I was there.

            I had the tuna tartar appetizer and the duck breast entree, which was a special that night. The tuna was good, I forget what was mixed in but it was a large portion. The duck breast was served sliced and fanned out over mashed potatoes. My wife had the French onion soup to start and the skirt steak with french fries. She said it was all very good. Friends we were with had the steak, caesar salad, mussells and the scallop appetizer. The most unusual thing we had was a mushroom pizza. The crust was not your normal pizza, it was light and crispy but also flaky.

            Dessert was a little disappointing. I had the chocolate lava cake and I thought it was overcooked (most places that serve it overcook it, it should be liquid in the middle). The caramel sea salt ice cream was really good. My friend had the apple crisp which I thought was ok but nothing special.

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              There is definitely a place for simple food, well done. Can't wait to try this.

      2. Ate there last night - party of 8. The place was packed at 6:30 PM. We had to wait a few minutes for our table but we sat right in front of the open kitchen. Start to finish this was an excellent meal. Two caesar salads and one chopped salad - all beautifully dressed. Tuna tartar was excellent and the seared scallops with onion/bacon jam were perfectly seared and tasty. There was a duck breast special in sour cherry sauce - the breast perfectly medium rare and so tender. I had Strip steak with au gratin potatos - next time I will opt for the french fries. They didn't look like much but they were crunchy on the outside and creamy inside. Others had skirt steak and surf and turf. Our server was attentive, friently and professional. Can't wait to go back on a weeknight and enjoy!!

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          we ate there last week. salads were tasty. french onion soup was one of the best I have ever had and I try to have it as a standard tester at new places. (it would have been the best if there was more burnt melted cheese on the sides of the bowl that I could have picked but it was strangely clean). Had to wait 2 minutes after apps were served to get a spoon. entrees arrived and I had to wait another minute to get a knife. Entrees were very solid though. for dessert we shared the cheescake. unedible as it tasted like the fridge. fruit compiote that was raved about in times article was ok but certainly not good enough to warrant trying that item again. very nice wines by the half glass sytem and all that. overall a nice place where the kitchen can put out some decent plates. Service needs work. They were friendly just not great at basics

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            Our server was terrific, but I would have to agree about the rest of the staff attending us. They were not as experience and made serveral mistakes. We did wait a long time for all our drinks to be put out on the table - we were 8 and they'd bring a couple at a time.

            1. re: wincountrygirl

              Where did they seat you? On the left or the right if your looking at the dining room from the bar?

              1. re: cubanat

                Right in front of the open kitchen - kind of center but right next to a service station so lots of servers in and out. The table was too small for 8 too. But, I still loved the food.

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                  We were in that center ailse but closest to the bar. Round table? if that was the same size table which I think it may have been it sure would have been tight! did you have a better dessert?

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                    Round table was very tight. I had the molten chocolate cake - it was ok. I loved the fries!

        2. Having had a wonderful experience at Thyme when we were there before, we finally got back last night. The experience was not as wonderful as the first. Wait staff was young and inexperienced,however they really tried very hard, so kudos for that. The issue really was with my food, as my husband loved everything. He had the tuna tartar to start and the veal noissette - which IMHO was breaded veal cutlet. I will say they did have to adjust the sauce for him as he has a dairy allergy and could not have the porcini sauce that probably would have made the dish. Instead, they gave him a red wine reduciton which was wonderfully accommodating. His garlic roasted potatoes were great. My dish, however, not so much. I ordered the duck in sour cherry sauce with comfit fingerling potatoes. The duck and sauce had absolutely no flavor. I got extra sauce, salted it - nothing. And the potatoes were so dissapointing! I expected potatoes that were kind of melting together like an onion confit - but they were boiled fingerlings with, you guessed it, no flavor. When I asked the server if perhaps I got a dairy free version (because the chefs many times also opt to give me dairy free because they figure I can't have it either - no kidding!), the waiter told me that confit meant cooked in it's own juices............. so since potatoes don't have juices I was quite confused. Duck confit is cooked in it's own fat, but onion confit,etc, refer to a delecable slow cooked rendered down - almost jam. Anyway, this dish was a total miss for me. Though the service was attentive and they tried hard, the inexperience was evident from not knowing which chardonney was the oakiest to not being able to tell the bus boys from the servers!!

          I will go back to Thyme as our first experience was so good, I think another try is warrented.

          1. I've been there twice now and feel more confident to write bout it again.

            What i said originally was that the menu is almost over simple, and so as a result they'd better do it REALLY really well.
            Well, they do.
            It's almost deceptive to read something simple on the menu as compare to the quality of preparation that arrives on the plate.
            They cook really well, obviously.
            On the other hand, I would still like to see them stretch a bit more in terms of taking some culinary chances or bolder flavours. But there is some evidence already that the menu is expanding (many more specials on my last visit than my first).
            Fish in particular could get more adventurous, but this is a very good restaurant only getting better.