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Oct 29, 2010 04:24 AM

Spokane source for baking supplies?

Is there anywhere in Spokane to get reasonably priced, good quality baking supplies? I'm just looking for basics, like spices, extracts and nuts for holiday baking. I used to go to Trader Joe's for these items when I lived in Seattle. I noticed Cost Plus World Market had some things, like vanilla and cinnamon at pretty reasonable prices, but I question how much of it they sell and how long it's been sitting around on the shelves.

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  1. Sadly I've not found anything as reasonably priced or reliable here as good old Trader Joe's. Although I think they are overpriced for most goods, Huckleberries is very good for spices if you buy from the bulk section. You can buy just the amount you need, and the supply seems to turn over quickly so what I've bought has always been fresh. I know there is a Hutterite community here and Hutterite / Amish markets usually have well-priced, good quality nuts, dried fruits, etc for baking but I have yet to find a Hutterite or Amish market in town. Does anyone know if there is one?

    1. I know this is kind of an old question but the Bulk section at Winco is VERY good! And Cheap! Their selection is surprisingly adequate. Fresh fruits and veggies usually good too. Between that and the selection at Costco, we're all set. Spices there are good too along with other baking items.