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Oct 28, 2010 11:27 PM

HUA HIN places to eat

Looking for a range of restaurants to eat at in Hua Hin. Appreciate any suggestions..asian, seafood, indian, japanese...anything apreciatiated across all cost ranges.

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  1. Hua Hin, IMO, is famous for seafood and Thai influenced Italian more than other types of cuisine.

    For seafood, there are numerous restaurants...I have been to a couple of them. No significant difference on either price nor quality. (They are all good but no one is outstanding.) A decent meal (with crabs, shrimps) would cost around 300-500 baht. (Not cheap in Thai standard, but could easily be a great deal for foreigners). Here are a couple places:
    Baan Issara and You-yen are not too far apart on Naeb Kehardt Rd and quite well-known. Choaley, one of the most famous, is at the end of Hua Hin 57. Madame Green Seafood (also offers very good mango with sticky rice) is a bit further towards Kao Takiab. All of them are on Google Map so it shouldn't be hard for you to search for it. Also, they are beach side. If you go there on the weekend, go early to get a better table by the beach. You can also walk along Hua Hin night market for off- walking street seafood stalls...they are not bad at all.

    For Italian, I dined at Mamma Mia a few times. Nice but different league with other top Italian restaurants in Bangkok. It's somewhat a place to be seen for some Bangkokians, celebs or movie would be randomly seen eating there during long weekend. Pom pom, also further towards Kao Takiab, has also been there for years.

    There is a restaurant called Let's Sea, same name as the hotel it resides. It serves western food (Italian/American- hard to specify) as well as westernized Thai food (which is pretty well-cooked/ well-modified). This would give you a more upscale ambiance and not as crowded as other places mentioned earlier. oh..of course, it comes with a higher price tag.

    Also, a place for game food called Mon-mai. It's about 7 kms further west of the main road (Pethkasame Rd) so it's quite out of the area. I'd say I love this place- interestingly tasty food. Let me know if you need more's quite hard to find.

    There is a place for me that I HAVE TO go everytime I go to Hua Hin. It's a dessert stall selling tapioca dumpling in coconut cream. 15 baht per serving. Absolutely yummy. The quasi stall/ quasi hawker is called Nai Dam locating on the cross between Soi Chom Sin (aka Hua Hin 55) and Naeb Kehardt Rd. The dessert is called Lod-chong Singapore (which doesn't really have anything to do with the country). It starts 10 am daily until run out which averagely around 3 pm on weekend. (If I found a photo of the stall, I'll post it for you later.)

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      thanks so much. will definately check out some of the suggestions.
      can't wait to get to Hua Hin

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        On the main highway coming into Hua Hin from the north (Rt-4), and about 10-15 km before Hua Hin, you'll find the entrance to the Thai Army's Fort Naresuan on the left (sea side). On the right side of the road and directly opposite this entrance is a restaurant called "Sap Eelee," but it may be that there is no English-language signboard. "Sap Eelee is a northeast Thai phrase meaning 'delicious' and this place serves the absolute nest NE Thai food I ever found outside of the actual northeast. Go here with as many people as you can and order a large variety of dishes. The Kai Yang (barbecued chicken) in
        particular is to die for!

        Also on the left side of the highway in that area, and as I recall located between kilometer markers 216-217, is a place called Marukhathaiwan Palace (there is definitely an English language sign) which is a beautifully restored palace of one of the early Thai kings of the current dynasty. Definitely worth a stop.