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Oct 28, 2010 09:14 PM

Roasted Pig Head in Paris?

My husband just decided he MUST have a roasted pig head for dinner one night while we are in Paris this week. Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves one????

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  1. Do you mean pork head cheese, "fromage de tete", a paté, or calf's head "tete de veau, which is a main dish? I've never heard of "roatsed pig head".

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      The only time I ever heard of "roasted pig's head" was from a close friend of Paul Bocuse in Lyon, who claimed that Monsieur Paul was at his happiest when he could feast with his buddies on whole roasted pig's head after market time.

      I never heard of such a thing in any other context. And not in Paris by any means.
      But we do have good fromage de tĂȘte in some places.