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Oct 28, 2010 08:20 PM

Scusi St Paul

I've driven by Scusi (new Blue Plate restaurant in the old Heartland space) several times this week and noticed a packed house each night. I assume they're doing some practice runs prior to the official November opening.

Has anyone been to any of the practice runs? If so, what should we expect? I know they have pizza, pasta, and keg wine. Wondering what the rest of the menu looks like.

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  1. Scusi is on my running route. Yes, soft opening currently taking place. Answering machine indicates the restaurant is open. Have not been. Web site doesn't list menu yet.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      I've been and will return tonight. Shared duck confit appetizer, house salad, and orichetti pasta. All good. Since it's 2 blocks from my house and half as expensive as the Heartland wine bar, I'm totally in heaven.

      1. re: Haricotsv2

        Website now has a menu and Scusi was absolutely packed on Tuesday, partially because of an election discount run by the Blue Plate people. Liked the quartino/mezzo wine service, like the layout of the charcuterie and cheese section, reasonable "pick 3" offering for $9. Salad we shared had pear, balsamic, and crispy proscuitto, which was like way amped up bacon bits. Pretty great! Pappardelle with lamb ragu had a good amount of very tender lamb but I would have liked a little more sauce with the lamb. It was a bit dry to me but the noodles were good. We also got the braised short ribs which were brought separately. Good to clarify that you need to pick a side or veg with this one, but the $9 price would be a pretty good hint its meat/sauce only. Orchiette were subbed in place of angel hair with a tomato sauce for the little one (easier to eat) and tasted good, sauce fresh with chiffonaded basil visible. Finally, the apple cake was pretty good, very moist with tons of apple and vanilla ice cream.

        All in all, a great addition to the neighborhood but I doubt you would want to drive from across town to go there. Place is suitably "Italian" but I could do without the tv mounted in the corner. Lastly, the crowds were too think in the entry way when we left so I couldn't see the old wine bar.