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Oct 28, 2010 08:01 PM

Prix Fixe Menus

So it looks like a lot of places are doing prix fixe menus now (due to the bad economy?). I know that trulucks, Trio, and 3 forks are all doing this right now. Are there any other fine dining restaurants around town that are doing this as well?

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  1. Fabi & Rossi
    Driskill Grill does an early bird set menu

    1. some also refer to it as a "tasting menu".
      so many restaurants are doing variations now.
      personally, i like them, because i can often enjoy several things for a decent price.

      chez nous ("menu du jour")
      the carillon (three or six course tasting menu)
      aquarelle (menu rapide, menu marche')
      driskill grill (farm to table three course menu)
      olivia (10 course chef's tasting)
      jeffrey's (5 course tasting menu)
      el arbol ("Every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday this month we are featuring a $40 3 course prix fixe menu in addition to our new fall menu.)

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        Wink also has a few nice tasting menu options.

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          went to chez nous tonight and had the menu du jour and was pretty impressed! 3 courses for $26 and all the food was fantastic (I went with the duck pate, a perfectly cooked tenderloin with a tasty butter/herb garnish, and a chocolate hazelnut torte) and the service was excellent. I wonder why this place doesn't get a lot of love on these boards.

          I'll definitely be coming back and trying some of the a la carte dishes.

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            that sounds like a really good (and delicious) deal.
            thanks for posting about your find.

        2. Hudson's on the Bend has a very good one.

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          1. re: Rene

            thanks guys! I was looking more for Austin restaurant week prices so that I could try more places and not bust my budget. I'm a big fan of a 10 course tasting menu every now and then but I was looking for places that were 30-40/person. Thanks for all the tips everyone

            1. re: chrisdds98

              i know just how you feel.
              i would also suggest checking out happy hours at the fancier places, as it's a great way to try them out without breaking the bank.

          2. Ronnies Real Food Bistro offers a 4 course meal for $25 BYOB. Make your reservation in advance as certain dinners sell out. Great value.