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Anyone have the Cook's Illustrated Lemon Pudding Cake recipe?

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I had this recipe long ago but have lost it since. I see many versions on different blogs that say they're adapted from the Cook's Illustrated recipe, but some call for 1 1/4 cups flour, some only call for 1/4 cup flour, which is a huge difference. I made a recipe tonight using the larger amount of flour, which made a fluffy lemon cake, but disappointingly with no pudding layer on the bottom. Could someone with access to the original CI recipe verify the ingredient amounts? TIA!

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  1. Many of CI recipes are copyrighted and most forums are reluctant to venture into publishing copyrighted recipes or portions thereof.
    You can get the recipe on that page with a 14 day free trial offer. It's a win/win

    1. This is CI's version:
      I prefer Margaret Atwood's Baked Lemon Custard. It's very sweet so sometimes I cut down on the sugar a little. If it doesn't seem quite set, (very) briefly finish it under the broiler.

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        Thanks toveggiegirl - made the CI recipe and it came out perfectly.

      2. I just checked the recipe on "baking911.com ..." Since the author didn't check the recipe before posting it, I need a clarification.

        How long should I boil the roasting pan so it becomes pourable? ("Pour enough boiling roasting pan to come halfway up sides of baking pan or molds.")

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