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Oct 28, 2010 06:56 PM

Must try from Tampa airport on route to St Pete Beach?

Fine tuning our culinary fetish and have several restaurants in PAss a Grille and St pete Beach we are going to try while staying there.. Looking at agenda by the time we arrive at TAmpa Airport and get car rental it is lunch time and we will be famished after travelling since 2am! WE have kids in tow that love road trips to Diners Drive in places or foodie places.. (which includes mexican trucks in Cali) ... So rather then waiting 30 plus min to get to St Pete beach to our hotel I am posting to see if there is ONE must try on our route that would WOW us for lunch....

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  1. hm. not what you're expecting, but were I faced with your decision, in st pete, I would either go to:

    Cappys for a chicago pizza
    Jade Bistro for shaking beef
    Mazarro's for everything
    Ted Peters for some smoked fish
    Bowled for some creative and reasonably priced grub

    Jade Bistro
    2425 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

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    1. re: askdrtodd

      Ted peters is on our list along with others in st pete but I was asking for must try place between Tampa airport and st Pete beach. Or are you saying we are best off eating in st beach

      1. re: palmtree38

        well the other 4 places I mentioned are all pretty good, Mazarro's is actually a market but it has great food (more of a lunch place, not open past 6 on weekdays or 2:30 on saturdays), Jade Bistro had some really really tasty grub when we did a Chowdown there, Cappys has mind blowing chicago style pizza, and bowled is just a fun and creative local spot.

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          Thanks for suggestions. We want to try Ted peters and Floridian for lunch. Would Floridian be enroute from airport to st Petes.

          Dinner mad fish , higher grounds, sea critters and agave for dinner

    2. Strongly recommend Mazarro's. It's on the way, right off the interstate on 22nd Ave N, and has terrific sandwiches, along with lots of Italian grocery choices you can take with you. And once you get to the beach, you might not want to leave! You didn't say what day you arrive, so check the hours first.

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      1. re: Bergerman

        Ok 2nd suggestion to mazzaro's. Are they known for meat sandwiches ? Coming in on a Friday I would assume they would be open this day for lunch? Do they have seating or more grab to go?

        1. re: palmtree38

          They have a patio area where you can sit and enjoy your sandwich. And if you are going to be there on Friday, they also have a fried fish sandwich that is excellent and is only served on Fridays. BTW, they bake their own bread including the rolls for the sandwiches and it is excellent. One of the best bread sources in the Tampa Bay area.

          On meat sandwiches, I get their meatball subs quite often. Here is a link to their lunch menu for you to look over. Keep in mind, this is only their fresh made sandwich list. They have a very large assortment of prepared foods that they will warm up for you if like also.


          1. re: RibDog

            Fantastic prices on such good selections!! WEll this looks like it could be our first pickup food in Tampa as it is on route to St Pete it was noted above I believe.. Just dont want to do alot of time on detours or still driving 30 min from aiport to get here otherwise could just pick up at St Pete's and be done with it.