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Oct 28, 2010 06:20 PM

Need to thrill Midwesterners - Matzoh ball soup


We're doing our quarterly "This day in history" potluck and my DW is setting our component of the contribution.

For whatever reason, and because I'm the fanatic that makes and pressure-cans our chicken stock, I've been elected to thrill the assembled throng...of mostly Lutherans...with matzoh ball soup.

What can I do to be the "best I can be"?

For comparison, my "best meal ever" was at Katz's Deli and included a bowl of matzoh ball soup.

I need to make most of this ahead of time, but can finish it within about 15 minutes from serving.

I'm interested in the "must do" and "should do" elements of this iconic concoction.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Most important, a flavorsome stock. Reduce what you have on hand by half. I wouldn't get heavily involved in classiscim here. People want the taste of their childhood; give them what they're a-craving. I suggest that you involve yourself in taste-testing. And I envy you wholeheartedly.

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    1. re: mamachef

      THAT, mama, is a fantastic suggestion...I would not have thought of it.

      Tomorrow will be stock/broth making day and the house will be FILLED with wonderful smells.

      I'm off to Whole Foods to see what matzoh meal they offer!

    2. This is a well discussed suject here, so there's lots of info.

      The Katz's Deli matzoh ball soup is great, along with much of their menu.

      A few necessary questions: have you made matzoh balls before, it sounds like maybe not, and what matzoh meal do you have available? The brand of meal can be sort of a big deal; everyone has their favorite.

      mamachef's stock reduction (actually it's "broth" in this case, as for soup) suggestion is very important, as well as a little advanced taste and technique testing.

      Since you mentioned advanced cooking, here's a thread that may be of value to you:

      Beyond that, I'd read the "Matzoh ball soup recipe" and "Matzo Balls!" threads at the bottom of this page; don't neglect to check out "Matzoh Ball" disaster thread. Here are the quick links:

      Good Luck with your soup efforts.

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        I just follow the instructions on the Striets matzo meal box. The last ones I made were featherlike and very good. I believe it was the eggs. I used jumbo eggs instead of large one.