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Oct 28, 2010 05:50 PM

Restaurants in Purdue area

i will be at Purdue next week for a couple of days. Can anyone recommend any good restaurants in the area? Thanks.

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    1. XXX has been on TV a few times for their burgers and root beer. Within easy walking distance.
      No longer there, but Pel-Freez had opened up a rabbit products place many, many years ago when I went there.

      Triple xxx Family Restaurant.Com
      2 N Salisbury St, Lafayette, IN 47906

      1. Anyone got an opinion of Adelino's or Bistro 501 in Lafayette?

        Bistro 501
        501 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47901

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        1. re: Fiorentina

          I haven't been to Bistro 501 but the Indianapolis Monthly included it in their Destination Dinners article.

          It says it has a bit of a ladies-who-lunch feel but the food will win over the most discriminating gourmand. Country casual fare - rustic but rich farmhouse pate, pommes frites with roasted garlic aioli, satisfying French onion soup, stuffed chicken en croute, orange marinated pork loin and black truffle pasta.

          Can't help you more than that - sorry!

          Bistro 501
          501 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47901

          1. re: Fiorentina

            Adelino's must be new since I left Lafayette a few years ago, so I can't help you there. Bistro 501 and Maize were considered pretty much the nicest places in town at the time. I found Maize more interesting and thought Bistro was kind of disappointing (I have a hard time thinking of it as destination-worthy from Indy, but it has been a long time since I've eaten in either town). Basic French bistro stuff - they used to do dessert spoons, which were fun when you can't decide what you want, or if you just wanted a taste of something sweet after dinner.

            Harry's is, indeed a legendary place, but the food is basic bar food and pretty much interchangeable with every other campus bar. You go there to drink in a former speakeasy, not for fine dining. Triple XXX is similarly legendary for the restorative grease fix after you go to Harry's. :) While we're on the subject of grease, the party fries at the Wabash Yacht Club (also known as Stacks to the students) are one of my all-time disgusting guilty pleasures.

            If I were headed back, my first choice for a meal would be Kokoro, if it's still there. The chef is insane (follow the rules, or you WILL get yelled at by a drunk man with knives), but the food is very good as long as you're willing to play along and not in a hurry to get anywhere. If you want your sushi with less confrontation, Heisei is much more mellow. The Subaru plant outside of town ensures a small but steady demand for Japanese food in town, so the quality is better than you would probably expect from northern Indiana.

            526 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47901

            Bistro 501
            501 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47901

            Heisei Restaurant
            1048 Sagamore Pkwy W C, West Lafayette, IN

            1. re: Wahooty

              I believe that Stacks closed last year. Very sad- many fond memories from college. I too will miss their cheese fries and the chicken pasta salad whenever I am in Lafayette.

          2. went to purdue once for a college football weekend

            this place is a local legend

            had a lot of beer and some of the hottest wings i have ever had (and i can take a lot of heat)

            1. Our Time at the Best Western on 26 and I 65 is pretty good, but IMHO the best place in town is the Indian buffet at Khana Khazana Indian Gri
              108 Northwestern Avenue, West . I try to visit there once a month or less because I overeat every time. If you like smoked food, South Street Smokehouse just south of US 52 and State Road 26 on 26 (South Street at that point and if you cross the RR tracks, you went too far!) is a favorite of the "good and plenty" club...excellent french fries! For Chinese the Taste of China buffet on Northwestern Ave across from the PU Lambert Fieldhouse in West Lafayette has many really tastey Chinese items...I try to visit there only once a month also.

              i enjoyed Harry's while in college years ago, but today the place is a dump.

              1126 Brown St, Dayton, OH 45409