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Oct 28, 2010 05:22 PM

November Italy Trip -- Help with my list

Hi All-

My boyfriend and I are going to Italy next week for 10 days (Venice, Florence, Sorrento, Rome). I have done a fair amount of research on this board and other websites, and have planned out places for each city. I would love some help though... I am mostly overwhelmed with the number of choices in Venice and Rome. Also, we are taking the train to each city, so if anyone has any recommendations for sandwich shops in Venice or Sorrento near the train stations, that would be great.

Some background... we love small, local places and are on somewhat of a budget. I'm happy to spend money on a few nice meals, but the rest I would like pizza places, wine bars, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Al Bacareto, or another wine bar
Vino Vino
Il Refolo

Le Volpi E L'uva -- enough for dinner
Trattoria Cibreo
Oil Shoppe -- sandwich for the train

Bolcine, wine bar
Pizza de Franco
Da Emilia

Roma Sparita
Cul de Sac
Armando al Pantheon

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  1. I am planning a very similar trip (leaving next week fo 10 days in Rome, Venice and Florence), and interested in similar restaurants. In addition to the ones you list (some of which I'm not familar with, thanks!), here are some others on my list that you might want to consider. Wish I could offer more actual experience with them. Have a great trip!


    Freni e Frizioni (wine bar in Trastevere, just across the river from Campo de Fiori)
    Il Goccetto (wine bar near the Campo)
    La Fiaschetta (ditto)
    L'angolo Divino (ditto)
    La Locanda del Pellegrino (restaurant near Campo)
    Trattoria della Stampa (tiny place near Trevi Fountain, lunch only)
    Trattoria Fiammetta (restaurant near Piazza Navona)


    Enoteca Al Volto (wine bar near St. Mark's)
    Cantina Do Mori (wine bar near Rialto Bridge)
    Bancogiro (restaurant near Rialto)
    Antico Dolo (ditto)
    Alla Botte (ditto)


    Vini e Vecchi Sapori (restaurant near Piazza della Signoria)
    I Fratellini (tiny sandwich shop off Via Calzaioli)
    Osteria Del Benci (near Santa Croce)
    Trattoria Mario (near Mercato Centrale)

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      i totally concur with jla1960's ideas for Florence. I think Energy09 could probably look at them too particularly if you like good food - other ideas might be il Contadino or Marione (particularly if you are thinking of budget....I know some people also rate il Pallotino which is very close to Vivoli. I am off to next week and am definitely planning a trip to the Osteria de Benci where i have not been for 3.5 years and Vini e Vecchi Sapori plus a few could also look at Agostino23 which i have heard rave things about but have never tried....have lovely holidays.

      1. re: LotsC

        Ok great! Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will look into all of these options. Enjoy your trips!

    2. For Venice
      Wine bars are a great way to eat cheaply. Bacareto is good. To the above earlier post. I would add La Cantina, Vedova, Ai Vini Padovani, Enoteca Cantine de Vino Gia Schiave, Un Mondo de Vino. The best is to hit these places when you are in the area where these places are located. Do Mori is atmospheric and famous but there are many other good stand up bars/becari around the Rialto: do Spada (one of the few that has tables), L'Arco, La Merca, Bancogiro.
      On your list, Refolo is good for pizza and antipasti plus the setting but if I am on a budget, it would not be my choice. Just as good or better for pizza are: all'Anfora, Casa Mia, Nono Resorto and the more out of the way in Castello, Dai Tosi. Or save pizza for Rome.
      Vino Vino is nice but is expensive for a wine bar and has leaned more toward table service. For eating on a budget, go to Ai Promessi Sposi, al Bomba, alle Botte, La Mascareta. A little more expensive with nice atmopshere are da Alberto and a la Ponte (also know as La Palatina) in San Polo, Alla Frasca.
      Near the Santa Lucia train station in Venice are tons of take away places for sandwiches and snacks. Except for convenience, nothing to recommmend. If you are in Cannaregio, a little further are good places between San Leonardo and Strada Nova for take aways. Even the Billa supermarket on Strada Nova is a better choice then those near the train station.
      Do a search on this board for more recommendations as there have been thousands of earlier posts eating in Venice, Florence and Rome.

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      1. re: PBSF

        Thank you! This is really helpful. I think I will add in Ai Promessi and da Alberto instead. I read your other post about affordable seafood places, and Ai Promessi looks like a great option.

        We are going to Pizza al Volo at some point, so that could be the pizza fix as well.

        Too bad about take away places, but that's not surprisng. I agree that a supermarket might be the best option.

        Thanks again!