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Oct 28, 2010 05:13 PM

Edmonto - Cheese and Onion Chips

Hi everyone,

When I was on vacation last summer I became addicted to Lay's Cheese and Onion chips. While walking around today, I saw someone had littered a wrapper, which led me to hope that they are available somewhere in Edmonton. Anyone know where to get them?


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  1. I have seen Cheese and Sour Cream at Safeway, but not Cheese and Onion. (Orange bag)


    1. Lays are the same as walkers (I think), which is british -- and they sell them at the british import shop in WEM.

      1. Try a Walmart Supercentre. They seem to have a wider variety of Lay's flavours than other stores. Lots of times they will have ones that we used to buy only in Newfoundland there. Good luck!

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        1. re: nsstampqueen

          You wont find any different flavors at a Supercenter then you would find at Safeway or Coop. Cheese and Onion are not available, except for the Walkers which are imported. What flavors did you find that were only available in Newfoundland?

        2. This is a british product. It can often be found at:
          Candy Bouquet
          101-12 Perron St, St Albert

          I buy them for my wife. They have many british imports.

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          1. re: akondra

   reasonable mail order just picked up 2 cases of the original and best :) Cheese & Onion TAYTO. Kids got addicted on a tour there this summer.