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Oct 28, 2010 05:04 PM

New Kosher Place in Chicago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about a new place opening
in Chicago? I have read a passing reference or two to it being called
Devon Pizza and Fish.


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  1. The only thing I have heard of is a new Pizza place opening in Skokie near Gross Point and church -

    1. Devon Pizza and Fish - sounds "promising".

      1. Just passed by the former Harbour Grill and there is in fact a Chicago Pizza and Fish restaurant open WITH PEOPLE INSIDE! The sticker on the door says CRC approved. No mention of it on the CRC website or any place else.

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        1. re: lenchik

          I am wondering if the sticker is left over - CRC is pretty good about updating their site

          1. re: weinstein5

            No, it's kosher, and owned by Great Chicago. The menu also has the CRC hechsher on it, and proclaims itself Cholov Israel and Yashan.

            1. re: Shmendrik

              sometimes I am too cynical - that is great news -

              1. re: weinstein5

                Does anyone know if they also have sushi?

        2. Has anyone tried Chicago Pizza and Fish yet? I have tried looking for a website or menu online, but when I google the name of the restaurant Chowhound comes up. :-)

          Although, really Chicago Pizza and Fish, I'm guessing the menu is and fish. lol