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Oct 28, 2010 04:36 PM

NE Burbs

Looking for restaurants in the Northern Metro. Moved to Blaine last year and have yet to find a decent greasy burger joint,pizza, chow mein, or anything in between there has to be something better then Millers on Main! . Looking for all types of restaurants.

On the other hand i have found an amazing butcher shop in Isanti, amazing beef sticks!!!

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  1. Born and raised in Shoreview, I'll start by saying that the Northern burbs are, for the most part, chain hell. There are ways to find good food, but some driving is required.

    -The first place I would go for a burger is The Flame on Central and 48th. Not sure if its as good as the Rice Street location, but nothing fills my greasy spoon/24 hour need better than a bacon cheese Flame at 3am.

    -Monterrey is Circle Pines does a mighty fine job with Mexican food, assuming your standards are those of a suburbanite in the Twin Cities. Try the Carnitas.

    -For pizza, I'm really not sure. Pizza Man in Circle Pines does a good job with the classic MN square pizza, but their quality seems to have dropped pretty dramatically the last few times I've had it. And other than them, I really don't know any other pizza places in the Blaine/Anoka area.

    -You are relatively close to Q Fanatic, which should become part of your regular rotation. Really good ribs and mostly excellent (home made) sides. I regularly drive nearly 30 minutes for this.

    -If you're in the mood for BBQ, Sassy Pig is a new joint that I haven't tried yet, but have been meaning to.

    My recommendation for most people in Blaine is to drive down Central to the Lowery area and take advantage of the ethnic food. Holy Land, Sen Yai Sen Lek, El Taco Riendo, Chimborazo...great area. Down a little further (on University), you'd hit Modern Cafe and the Anchor Fish and Chips. Down a little further, you'd hit Brasa, the Bulldog, Punch, etc.

    Other people probably have other hole in the wall type recommendations that I'm not familiar with.

    Sen Yai Sen Lek
    2422 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

    The Anchor Fish and Chips
    302 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

    El Taco Riendo
    2416 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

    1. Carol's in Blaine serves up very nice comfort food. Not a fancy place but great homemade comfort food. 11888 Aberdeen st. NE, Blaine, MN

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        How could I omit Carol's? Certainly in the comfort food, feels like your grandmother's house vein, but well worth repeated visits.

      2. Yesterday, I had lunch at Ingredients Cafe in White Bear Lake.

        I've been to Ingredients a few times over the past year or so and I always really enjoy it. This trip, I had a burger and fries hankering, and they more than did the job.

        First, the fries. Nice, home cut fries cooked to golden brown perfection, and nicely seasoned. Maybe a little overseasoned for some, but I like them that way. Seriously, these were some of the best fries I've ever had anywhere.

        Now, the burger. The patty was cooked medium (which is a heck of a feat around these parts) with nice genuine grill char. A few pieces of thick cut bacon and a good hunk of cheese. Again, simple but really nicely done.

        Easily the best lunch I've had in the WBL area since I started work 5 years ago. Well, maybe second to Margaux's Table...RIP :(

        1. Just a bit south of Blaine you'll find King's Korean restaurant just off Central Ave. And you'll find Pho Tan Phat (Vietnamese), and Taste of Thailand on University.

          All of them are better than suburban chain fare.

          Kings Restaurant
          1051 Moore Lake Dr E, Minneapolis, MN 55432

          Taste of Thailand II
          7890 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432

          Pho Tan Phat
          8197 NE University Ave, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

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            1. Ingredients is still my favorite for lunch. Their burger is still the gold standard on this side of town.

              A few spots that are new, or that I've tried since this thread first came around:

              1) Acqua - They have two locations now, the original on the west side of White Bear Lake, right off 61, just south of highway 96. The second is on the north side of Forest Lake, right on the lake itself. I've been to both, and they are the best restaurant(s) you can get in the NE burbs, in my estimation. I had brunch at the FL location a few weeks back and really enjoyed it. The dinner is great too; $30 - 3 course dinners are a great way to try things out. Both have very nice views of their respective lakes. Not sure if the FL location has outdoor seating, but the WBL has a limited amount. Very nice during the summer.

              2) Roma Market in Wilnerie, just west of Mahtomedi high school on highway 12. I've really enjoyed the pizzas here on a few occasions; haven't gotten to the rest of the menu yet.

              3) Pizzeria Pezzo in downtown WBL. I haven't been here yet, since it just opened and only does dinner service, but reviews are good, and the lines are pretty serious. One of my co-workers waited over an hour for a table this past weekend.