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Oct 28, 2010 04:30 PM

How to store Ong choy/Rau muống?

Just discovered this great vegetable at the market, only to find the rest wilted after being refrigerated for less than 24 hours. Does it not keep or something, or am I storing it improperly? Any tips?

Many thanks-

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  1. Store in an unsealed (or perforated) plastic bag in the crisper section of your fridge. Do not wash, or clean, beforehand.

    1. Thanks for the response, but that's what was done, and it just wilted away. It was super fresh when bought, too....

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        Try sticking it, stem side down, in a glass of water for a bit and see if it perks up.

        Otherwise, my guess is that you could old or damaged ong choy like ricepad mentioned below.

      2. Ong choy has a pretty short shelf life - even less so than, say, spinach - but if stored correctly, it should last a couple of days in the refrigerator. In addition to ipsedixit's advice, I'll sometimes wrap it loosely with a slightly damp paper towel, just to give it a bit of moisture, then put it in an unsealed plastic bag.

        If you stored it like this and yours lasted less than 24 hours, I'd bet it was subjected to some heat at some point after harvest (but possibly before you bought it).

        1. The same thing always happened to my ong choy - which is unfortunate because they are always sold in a giant bunch. I find that dampness is worse for ong choy, i usually try to keep them as dry as possible and separate it into two bunches (the inside of the big bunch always wilts first for some reason).

          (Have you tried ong choy with shrimp paste/belacan? It could be an acquired taste and not the best dish to cook inside your own home as it smells, but very delicious)

          1. As soon as we get any of the Asian greens, in our household we tend to wrap it in some newspaper and then put in the crispier. But we also usually use it within a week of purchase.