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Oct 28, 2010 04:22 PM

Going to Han Dynasty, Love Spice, Which Beer?

So I've been to Han Dynasty twice and am visiting for a third time tomorrow. It's a byob with really spicy food. So far we've paired Moscato, Johannesburg Riesling, Oktoberfest, DFH 60 and DFH 90. The wines have worked well but the beers haven't worked as well. Any other suggestions for beer?

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  1. Surprisingly interesting combination but try a peach lambic. Works very well with the spice in the same way a Moscato does. You might try a witt beer as well.. Hitachino nest is a good one as is allagash White.

    You might also enjoy reading the comments section where a blogger discusses pairing beer with Han's food.

    1. I think you want to have a low alcohol beer with spicy food bec. you may drink a good quantity to wash down spicy food. I have lately been very partial to Troegs Dream Weaver wheat beer. It has a slightly spicy taste. I find it very drinkable and it is nice with a slice of orange. The Troegs Sunshine Pils is also very nice.

      On the other hand, if you think you can handle a higher alcohol content, I think an IPA would hold up to spicy food.

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        Interesting Rock... D60 and D90 are high IBU beers and Chinon didn't like them. Are there better IPA's? Should one go more west coast like Green Flash? Imperial IPA? Do you need something with more of a malt backbone like Victory Hop Devil?

      2. I tried Victory Golden Monkey (as suggested) at the brewery yesterday. On a sweetness level I think that it would work with spicy food. The strong presence of alcohol though gave me pause in pairing it. In the same way I don't think that strong hop forward beers work well with spicy food. Both strong alcohol presence and hoppiness exacerbate the spiciness. We drank late harvest and spatlese riesling. Worked fine. Still looking for beers to pair. Wheat beer could work maybe.

        1. I usually go the crisp route with spicey foods. Pilsners or German Lagers mostly. Spaten Lager is good for this, or Sly Fox Pikeland Pils. I think the spice just might kill a lot of the nuances in more complex beers. I used to like Red Stripe with Chinese food. I think simple might be your friend here.

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            I ate the leftovers with a German Pils from Victory (Braumeister) and it was a disaster. The forward hoppiness intensifies the heat to a truly uncomfortable level. Big hops and heat just don't friggin' work; for me anyway.

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              i totally agree- crisp is delicious- hops + spice = fire in my mouth. neither the food nor beer ends up tasting good

              i just had the bell's oarsmen ale- i quite disliked it actually- too citrusy but others love it so it may have just been me. but id imagine citrusy and low alcohol work well with han dynasty