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Oct 28, 2010 04:17 PM

East Cafe, Georgetown, Connecticut - really renovating? or closed for good??

A sign on the door at East Cafe in Georgetown says "closed - kitchen renovation." However there is nothing that indicates a potential re-open date. My neighbor thinks they have gone out of business...but I'm hoping they really will re-open, as it was our local go-to place for dinner on a fairly regular basis.

Anyone know anything???

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  1. The owners are neighbors of ours and jog past our house often. We go there all the time, at least once a week, and I haven't heard a thing. I will try to ask the lady who usually is seen behind the register when I see her. Last week when we went she did say that her credit card machine was down and that they were only taking cash...maybe that was a sign??? It would be a loss to the neighborhood that's for sure.

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      I still have leftovers in the fridge, so we were there less than a week ago (I hope). She didn't say anything to us, and we're such frequent customers that if we vary from our usual order she asks what's wrong... Yes, it will be a BIG loss if they are closed. I'll keep my fingers crossed for good news from you!

      1. re: hungrykids

        We ordered very often as well. It's pretty bad when you don't have to identify yourself by your phone number and they know you anyway! Our order was pretty similar from week to week so she would always know when I had company when I ordered things other than the regular selection. Wonder if it has anything to do with that new Chinese restaurant opening by Fatima? We got a menu from them and it is almost identical to East Cafe. Will let you know when I see the owner.

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          The new place (Ten) is the sister restaurant to one in Norwalk (can't remember the name). The owners live in Wilton. My S.O. has enjoyed lunch from Ten twice since they opened (delivered to school - the owners' daughter is a student there) and said both times the food was good.

          But Ten has only been open a few short weeks, so I can't believe that could have already had an impact on East.

          Still hoping for good news from you....

    2. Good news...they hope to reopen this Saturday with their newly renovated kitchen!

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        HOORAY and hallelujah! My SO picked up dinner at Ten yesterday and brought it home, since we thought the East option was a goner... The egg rolls were doughy instead of crisp on the outside, the scallion pancakes slightly better but still too thick...and the go-to favorites for the hungry kids (General Tsao's and Pad Thai) both turned out to be way too spicy - which we didn't anticipate... I wasn't overly impressed and am delighted delighted delighted to hear that there's hope on the immediate horizon.

        Thanks for the detective work! See you Saturday at East? LOL

        1. re: hungrykids

          Agreed. Did take out from Ten a few times since it is on my way home from work and kids not impressed. Daughter can live on chicken fried rice and thought it was way too gummy from there. Son thought the spice on the chicken and broccoli tasted off. So Saturday night it is at East Cafe.

          1. re: jvaum

            Aaaaaargh! What a disappointment, So we go to call in our order and no one picks up the phone after about 10 rings. Since it is so close we decided to go in person, place our order and then do some grocery shopping next door. The atmosphere was total chaos. None of the same people there and everyone looked pretty disgruntled. The man at the register just let the phone ring and ring while he tried to check out a few people. I was still waiting to place my order when a woman came in with her food she had just picked up for take out. She was returning it for a refund! She whispered to me not to order (that wasn't you hungry kids was it?) None of the few tables that were filled had food on them and the owner was trying to convince this other customer to wait while he corrected his takeout order. I cut my losses and left. We went to Marcus Dairy and then went to the mall. I haven't seen my neighbor since this all happened. Maybe it was someone else's turn in the family to take over. At this rate, it won't be there long.

            Marcus Dairy Restaurant
            5 Sugar Hollow Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

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              I missed our "virtual date" last night (forgot that the hungry kids have social schedules these days, so I was on chauffer duty in the Federal Rd neighborhood while my SO went to Danbury with the other one). I spent the day at a conference in Brooklyn, with no internet access, so I didn't see your post before now. On the way home - starving - I stopped at East to order myself some dinner.

              So here's what I learned:
              New chef...
              They will be closed this week and will re-open next weekend with a new menu.
              No idea if they will also have a new name.
              Still "Asian Fusion" (according to the guy at the register who appears to be the new owner, although he did not identify himself that way).

              Since I was starving, and curious, I ordered the chicken pad thai, figuring it was a pretty solid staple and I would be able to compare.

              It wasn't bad, but it was different. (Not the best I've ever had but way better than Ritz Asia, which we HATED, and not spicy like the pad thai we had from Ten earlier in the week.)

              Guess the verdict is still out. I think maybe they tried to squeeze some business this weekend and opened sooner than they were ready. I'm willing to give them another try once they really get going - and I hope hope hope it's good, since it's so convenient...

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I was equally surprised at how bad the food was. No crunchy noodles, asked for the thai red curry soup and they asked me what was in it (thats when i was informed the menu had changed even though its still up on the web). I ordered the Tom Yan Gung soup and Thai red curry beef.
          Soup was passable, harsh, red curry had about ten pieces of beef, cherry tomatoes (whole) and a few pieces of green pepper and sliced onion. Meager at best. What happened ? Soemone should give these guys a wake up call. I asked for a few pieces of steamed Tofu in the curry, told it would have to be fried and he would charge me an extra $ 1.00.
          Is this a front for another business because as a restaurant it sucked.

          Yan's Cafe
          217 Lewis St, Lynn, MA 01902

          East Cafe
          920 Danbury Rd Ste 2, Wilton, CT 06897

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            Such a shame. Was our go to place since it is so close to home . Haven't tried them again since the disaster from a couple of Saturdays ago. Haven't seen the lady who used to be behind the register jogging on my street either. Something tells me that they must have moved away or something. Thanks for your input though...were else do you go around here for chinese/thai?

            1. re: lastcardjb

              Went last night for the 1st time since the reopen. Ordered our usual - spicy mango pork an chicken broccoli - it vista me $3.00 more - I usually pay $21 and the food was less than acceptable . The pork was sucking in something gluey and the chicken had go much garlic my husband did not finish it! We will not go back. It was our favorite take out on Friday night! Too bad. I asked them where the lady at the counter and got as a reply " new management". Not really friendly either. It should be close soon! Too bad.

            2. Last night there was an official notice posted at the restaurant saying it was closed by order of the Wilton Board of Health...

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              1. re: hungrykids

                Yikes!!! Out of desperation I ordered chicken lo mein the other night for DD. It was the most bizarre lo mein ever. Super dark in color (too much soy sauce) and overloaded w/ sesame oil. She hardly touched it. The new menu was available for taking but I guess I won't be using it. It's a blessing really that they are shut down. Something just wasn't right about the place and the new owners. Thanks for the update.

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                  Went grocery shopping last night next door to see East Cafe's sign a blazin'. Must have cleaned up the offenses pretty fast. What do you make of that? Couldn't see if anyone inside there and certainly did not go in!

                  1. re: jvaum

                    SO bizarre... although when I first heard about the sign on the door, I wondered if it was less of a "shut down by order of..." and more of a "didn't get everything in place in time to open" kind of message from the Bd of Health (who probably don't have lots of different signs!). But I think I'll wait to see if anyone in the neighborhood starts complimenting the food before I go back...our combined bad experiences were more than enough to scare me off for awhile.