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Oct 28, 2010 03:47 PM

Pizza Dough Sources - UWS

So, I just did a search which turned up nada on the UWS. Any good pizza dough sources on the UWS? Would prefer not to go all the way downtown (i.e. LES) but, if there something really good a bit south of the UWS, I may be game! THANKS!

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  1. I don't know about the uws specifically, but I've lived my whole life in Brooklyn and Queens and always got dough from local pizzerias.

    1. The new TJ's at 72nd & Broadway has it in the refrigerator- case section. I haven't made pizza (yet) and so can't comment on quality or taste.

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        thanks everyone. was in TJ's for a couple of minutes to pick up their pizza sauce before i saw your post. couldn't find the dough but didn't spend much time looking because i was in a rush.

        yup, i agree, donovt, qns definitely has good dough. i grew up there as well.

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          The dough is on the first-level down from the street, a couple of sections before where they give out the free samples and coffee. It's located in the lower section of the case (i.e., a couple of feet above the floor, as opposed to eye-level ...)

      2. You can get pizza dough at Fairway... not sure how you missed that, sorry.

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          thanks. that's exactly where i got the dough - Fairway. they sell frozen dough in batches of two and it was quite good. in fact, i bought one batch of dough from Whole Foods but Fairway won the test taste.