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Oct 28, 2010 02:47 PM

Neighborhood Noodle. Detroit, MI

Just saw this link! Has anybody eaten or heard anything of this place? I am highly intrigued.


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  1. A friend and I ordered from there about a month ago -- frankly the food was inedible and too expensive for the small portion; we threw it away --limp noodles, way too much soy sauce, blech. BUT I emailed the proprietor who acknowledged that the orders weren't up to standard....still getting their legs. Want to wait for a while till they get their act togther.

    1. Nice website. Scary first review. How does a business recover from that kind of performance? Anyway, if others tell me it's possible, then I guess I'll give it a whirl, just based on the concept. For now, I'm sitting tight.

      1. Same experience as berkleybabe here. Seems their biggest problem is that they're so busy that they can't prep such massive volumes of food in their private home kitchen. Because of the large number of orders, everything needs to be prepared way in advance (i.e. not made-to-order), so the noodles become overcooked and deep-fried stuff gets soggy.

        The food itself isn't authentic, but that's not really the intention. The emphasis is on local ingredients and bringing life to the city of Detroit, rather than on the authenticity of the food. Its sort of like the Asian-inspired dishes at The Fly Trap.

        Anyway, I've heard that Neighborhood Noodle temporarily shut down operation. This past Monday was supposedly the last night for a while. Rumor has it the girl in charge is looking for a more permanent solution -- perhaps a food truck or a small brick-and-mortar restaurant space -- and has shut down the "lemonade stand" operation while so doing.

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          Thanks for the updates. I'll keep my ears/eyes peeled.

          If I were her I'd open up a super small monofuku/diner style stand with eight seats at the countertop. Have it open late in the royal oak area. +\- on having a lunch set although it makes sense from a broth perspective.

          Here to hoping she succeeds!