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Oct 28, 2010 02:37 PM

Lighthouse Tofu BBQ, Ellicott City

This is "coming soon" to Rt. 40 next door to Jerry's and Boston Market. Apparently they have a branch in Rockville. Is it just a standard Korean restaurant, or do they have "pulled pork" sandwiches made out of tofu?

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  1. The one in Rockville specializes in the tofu stew "soon du boo", or however it transliterates.

    They have a couple of other dishes, seafood pancake, a few BBQ items, but the tofu stew is the house specialty. And it's great, FWIW. Seafood pancake is also excellent, but most of the rest of the menu is just ok.

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    1. re: DanielK

      I like their saurteed squid and octopus dishes too.

      1. re: fudizgud

        Good point - almost forgot those. I don't remember whether it's the squid or octopus, but the one that is marked as spicier is better.

        P.S. They mark the spice level on the soondubu from white (mild) to spicy spicy. They're not joking. I like the hot stuff, and the spicy spicy is beyond my tolerance.

      2. re: DanielK

        Great; seafood pancake and sauteed squid/octopus are 2 of my favorite things for lunch. I hope they can compete with the Korean/Chinese restaurant a couple doors down.