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Oct 28, 2010 02:27 PM

Grandaisy Bakery Banana Pullman

Ok I didn't know where to post this I figured if I posted it in the local board it would get moved. Ok I get to New York once or twice a year and I am addicted to Grandaisy Bakery's Banana walnut Pullman. I ate it every morning for a week straight last time trying to figure out how it's made and I’m stumped. What I really like about it is it's more on the dry-side, more breadlike than cake-like. I am jonesing for some and would love to be able to make it for myself...can anyone steer me in the right direction?

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  1. well, i have never eaten banana bread, except for the quick kind and i have a feeling this is a yeasted bread. i do know that grandaisy is the off-spring of sullivan street and that mark lehey (sp?) is the master behind that.
    i also know that he has a book -- my bread. the recipes are amazingly simple and delicious AND very versatile. i wonder if there's a recipe in there you could tinker with to come up with something similar. i don't have the book, myself (though have tried a few of the recipes) so i don't know if there's a pullman in there. but you could check!

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      I looked throught the Lahey book and no luck, same thing online I tried every combination of key words to get me there and it got me nowhere. I think this is a quick bread even though they call it a Pullman I think it's only by virtue of the pan they cook it in, it doesn't tasted like a yeast dough, it's definitly cake like but has this wonderfully dense crumb with just the right balance of banana flavour and massive chunks of walnuts. Someone's got to have a clue??