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Oct 28, 2010 02:00 PM

Anybody go to Kosherfest?

Did anybody go to Kosherfest this year? I've never been able to go myself, but I've always been interested in the reports of others (especially koshergourmetmart's annual exhaustive summary).

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  1. I went.. It was absolutely amazing.
    The LuckChen creater was there with new vegetarian beef goulash and Shwarma. There is a new chocolate covered pretzels company in Brooklyn called iMani (absolutely FANTASTIC) certified by Star-K and it's pareve, Tribeca oven with some great new bread products and Davidovitch Bakery that is about to be certified from someone other than TabletK to be more widely accepted..
    In other news (the best news for me the vegetarian!!) is that Tivall is finally coming to USA. For those who havent had Tivall, they make IMHO the best pareve vegetarian food one can find- especially the hot dogs. It's being imported by Bagel Bites USA.
    There is a new maagzine called 'Kosher Inspired' from Mishpacha and it is authored by Estee KAfra (from Cooking with Color and Spice it right)- really nice magazine.
    golden Fluff have brought out an item called 'potato flutes' that are basically potato straws, b ut with their token onion/garlic, bbq, ketchup and original flavoring.
    There is a new gourmet meat sausage from a Brooklyn company called 'Jacks Gourmet'- I am told it was excellent.
    There is a new FANTASTIC flatbread pizza out.from a company called morfunfoods. This flatbread pizza costs $1 if you buy in bulk and tastes so good (again- no affiliation to anyone who ran a boutique at kosherfest- just his product was really good and he was so nice he deserves a mention).
    There were tons of new sauces from a company who names frankly escpaes me right now but i will come back and write up- they had some awesome stuff like smokey chipotle bbq, hot habenero, hot chilli chipotle aioli etc
    There was a new Taamti product that was a falafel with techina filling that everyone said was delicious (not a big falafel fan so cant vouch for it first hand) and a taamti vegetarian hot dog in blanket that seemed kinda like a veggie corndog but had a different batter..
    If i remember anthing else I will post it...
    EDIT: I remember also a company called Original Smart Cookie- very interesting. They are also in the process of introducing a line (currently 4) baby products to be the kosher equivalent of like Earths Best frozen baby foods- I dont remember all the flavors, but one was a beef/ barley soup. They were all certified OU Glatt. The baby food is not listed here yet, but those interested in the cookies might find this interesting. They are a blend of veegtables, fruits and chocolates to make a cookie..

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    1. re: marissaj

      Tivall is coming to the US?? When??

      1. re: maga

        did not have a chance to write my report yet. Hope to have it sometime in the future.

        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          I did find tomato paste in a tube (mutti's doppio concentrato di pomodoro) as well as kosher certified balconi desserts

          1. re: koshergourmetmart

            I've been waiting for a kosher tomato paste in a tube - I hope that one gets carried widely.

            1. re: GilaB

              REALLY?? That one of the big things (aside from Tivall) that I miss from England and regularly bring back with me- would be GREAT if this gets picked up and sold everywhere

              1. re: marissaj

                I , too, have been looking for tomato paste ina tube for years.

                1. re: susiejane

                  I have been buying Mutti online. It is approved by the rabbaim of several Italian cities, but not marked on the package.

                  1. re: AdinaA

                    the one I saw had a hasgacha on the package

        2. re: maga

          within 3 weeks!! It is being imported by Bagel Bites USA and will supposedly be sold in many kosher markets (not big supermarkets chains like shoprite, but kosher markets). I am so excited!!

          1. re: marissaj

            Tulkoff is a Baltimore company that makes (IMO) the BEST horseradish ever. In Baltimore, that is all anyone eats with gefilte fish! Glad to hear they have expanded their line into interesting sauces, i"ll keep an eye out....

        3. I will be doing my official write up closer to the end of December, but it is funny readin the comment below to see that I was interested in so many different products.

          The highlights for me was to see so many Israeli products making their way into the marketplace. I loved the wine infused preserves made by Tishbi and this new ice cream and sorbet from La Lune.

          As for the sausages, they were excellent, but there were actualy two new sausage companies, Jack's had excellend flavor and will be in the refrigerated section like hot dogs, but there was also this fresh style sausage by JOBURG without nitrates and so flavorful.

          There was a product from Australia that one the new product award, Mountain Bread, it is like a very thin wrap, i was not so interested, but they gave me sample pack to take home and now that my kids have finished the whole package in two days and I see the versatility from wraps, to pizzas, to chips and on and on I am won over.

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          1. re: Tamar Genger

            Forgot about the mountain bread! We also got a packet to try at our restaurant and it seems to be a big hit! They are not available in stores b/c they are looking for a distributor right now (as per the mountain bread reps) but at only 70kcal a slice and sheer versatility as mentioned above, they cannot be beat!

            1. re: marissaj

              I was excited about the Mountain Bread too, and I emailed the company to find out where I could get it; they told me a couple of stores, but said that I should call the distributor for other outlets... the distributor is apparently McMahon Farms.

              1. re: maga

                Is KosherFest open to the public or is it restricted to the trade?

                1. re: Lissy63

                  Its supposed to be trade only, but i suspect some of the public go as well.

                  1. re: marissaj

                    It's mostly vendors and distributors, but it's also open to the press -- I went as a blogger :D I'm hopefully going to help consult next year to get more of the public involved via social media.

                    After all, demand drives what the vendors get from distributors ... and how is the demand supposed to know what's out there if people aren't writing about it?

            1. I went to Kosherfest - I was excited by many of the sauces - there was a sriracha sauce that was exciting, there was a kosher Ager Ager that I'm interested in, and some great spice rub mixtures. On a separate note, the mini hot dogs and chopped liver from International Glatt rocked!

              1. I went and am slowly reviewing things I saw there (just reviewed the Jack's Gourmet sausages, actually on

                Big write-up here:

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                1. re: kvetchingeditor

                  just went to your website - never been there before - it's fantastic and so much fun to read! thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with us.

                  1. re: kvetchingeditor

                    kvetchingeditor - I would love to look at your site, but when I used your link, my anti-virus software wouldn't let me go, and I got a message that said this "More information
                    This website has been reported to contain the following threats:
                    Malicious software threat: This site contains links to viruses or other software programs that can reveal personal information stored or typed on your computer to malicious persons."

                    i just wanted to let you know, so you can resolve the situation, if possible.
                    Thanks, p.j.