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Oct 28, 2010 01:41 PM

Lunch Buffet at Ivory Thailand

Finally was able to spend some time downtown around this area for lunch.

The initial seating was quick and efficient, as was the drink order.

The only unremarkable thing I had was the hot and sour soup. Everything else I sampled was several cuts above your average Toronto Asian buffet. Fresh, tasty, not greasy at all, and a huge selection of dishes. Is it pure Thai food like you would find over there? Having never been to a lunch buffet in Thailand, I can't say, but there were a clean range of well-balanced flavours in everything I had, and it tasted very good to me.

Service during my gorging was also effiicient and friendly.

The other thing I noted is that their papaya salad had good flavour. The last papaya salad I had at the Runnymede Green Mango made me think they'd used sulfuric acid as a dressing, that's how bad the burn was in my mouth. So I'm happy to see I'm not allergic to ALL papayas, and I suspect it's more chef skill than allergies.

If I'm ever in the area and craving to pig out, I will return.

Ivory Thailand
81 Church, Toronto, ON M5C1K9, CA

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  1. Good to know! Been there for dinner, never for lunch - but now I might.