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Oct 28, 2010 01:04 PM

Zwilling J.A. Henckels knives from Marshall's

I just bought 3 Henckels at Marshall's for $50 each, from the Twin Pro line (NOT the Twin Pro 'S' from what I can tell.) They were the large slicing knife, chef's knife and bread knife, so I thought I was getting a great deal (my Wusthoff alone cost over $100.) The tags say they retailed $120.

My question is....I was doing some research online, and noticed some people either got the Chinese version of the Henckels, or bought that at a similar discount store with bad results (I have yet to try them.)

I can't find anything about the Twin Pro series online. The knives and packaging say they're straight from Germany. There are two men on the blade as well, I've heard one little man means it's the international series (Chinese or Spanish.)

Should I return them or did I really get a good deal?

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  1. Zwilling (Twin) Henckels knives have a sign of two men on the knives. They are made in Germany and are made with better steel. The Henckels International knives have a sign of a single man with a pole or something. These knives are made in non-German countries with lower quality steel.

    Twin Pro knives are Zwilling and are made in Germany.

    There are exception. The Miyabi line sorta belong to the Zwilling Henckels but they are made in Japan. They are in many ways considered equal or better than the German Henckels. In short, it is not so much German vs non-German.

    It is high quality vs not so high quality

    1. If it's a Twin Pro, it's either the Twin Pro S or the Twin Profection, both are forged, but there are some differences. You can use this link to compare:

      My Son has the Pro S knives they are almost identical in shape to the Wusthoff Classic both in blade shape/construction (full tang) and handle (three rivits and rounded end). The Twin Profection has a short tang and a handle that's curved and squared off at the end. All the Twin knives are good. They also seem to have a lesser line with either "something" Pro or Pro "something". These only have one guy on them and are not made in Germany. They are part of the International line and are Fine Edge Pro or Eversharp Pro. I think you would know the difference, they are not forged blades. Marshall's gets a lot of overstock items, so they could easily have a deal going on the Twin Pro knives. My guess is if it says Twin, it's likely the Professional S.

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        An Ebay seller says these were made in Germany for the Japanese market.. and that they are compatible to the pro s and profection lines.. that he talked to henckels to figure out what they are.

        I have a couple and like them. They seem to be the profection knives with a rounded handle

      2. I have a Twin Four Star ii chef's knife II I found at Marshall's about 3 years ago, and I love it. I use it daily. This is made in Germany, and it has the Twins on the blade. A number of years age I bought a smaller chef's knife with the single man on it, made in Spain. I have compared this knife with a new knife of the same sort, made in China, and the finish on the handle was not as smooth as my old knife. I have no way of knowing if the blade is as good. If your knife blade says it was made in Germany, it was. I'd assume I got a good deal. By the way, both the lesser Henckels I examined had the place they were made stamped on the blades.

        Since I got my deal, I have noticed other similar knives on sale at Marshall's. Not at Home Goods though. At Marshalls.