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Oct 28, 2010 12:49 PM

Steakhouse with excellent cognac and scotch selection

I'm looking for a restaurant that has quality steak, and a considerable cognac and scotch menu. I am considering North 44 (even though it appears that they're not to well known for their steaks), however I am hesitant as their drink menu is dated 'October 2009.' If anyone has been there recently and can verify that their scotch/cognac menu is relatively current, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, any other suggestions in Toronto or the GTA would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Cognac Fan

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  1. the reason they are not known for their steak is probably that their steak is no good, particularly for the price. I hated my order of steak there, and I love steak

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      Can you comment on the variety of the bar selection?

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        Good cognac is a hard thing to find in Toronto in general. All of the steak houses I've been to pretty much have your run of the mill Cognac on the menu. Mostly Hennessey, Remy, Martell, Courvouisier, etc. No Delamain Vesper, Bouju, or Ragnaud - Sabourin to be found anywhere.

        Can't really comment on the scotch as it's not really my preferred drink. I like Caol Ila when I can find it but it's not something I know much about.

        I would not go with North 44 for steak despite their drink menu. I mean, you can't really enjoy that Cognac after a lackluster steak anyway right? I would recommend Jacobs for food alone however I don't remember what their Cognac/Scotch menu was like. Maybe someone else can chime in on that?

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          Hey, thanks for the recommendation. I've heard both good and bad stuff about Jacob and Co's steakhouse, however it seems to be in the green overall. Can anyone comment on the Spherical Arts Academy's drink selection? The website says that they have over 130 cognacs/armagnacs, however I haven't been and therefore couldn't be sure. Also, I'd be curious as to what someone would have to say about the quality of their food. Thanks,
          Cognac Fan

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            I've only ever been there for group events where it was steam table catering, and it was about what you'd expect, blech. Ordering off the menu may be different.

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          unfortunately I can't help you there, as I did not check out their selection

      2. I think the two places that pop up most frequently when scotch selection is at issue are Allen's and Via Allego.

        Allen's is a controversial topic here, some people really hate it, I'm not one of those people but I will note service there can be all over the map and even as a relative fan of the place about once every few years they screw up so bad I stay away for months. The owner is a scotch collector he buys rare stuff at auction and sometimes sells it in the bar (as you would expect at premium prices) and the regular selection at the bar is pretty good. Here's the thing you have to sit at the bar and order from the barman, the dining room waiters are useless for that.

        I really don't know VA other than by reputation but they do have a Scotch sommalier on staff.

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          Thanks a lot! Via Allegro seems to have quite the bar select (according to their online gallery). I wonder if anyone here has been to Hy's steakhouse or Harbour 60 recently. I stress recently, as I haven't been to either in quite some time, and it's no secret that their (Harbour 60's) bar menu is overpriced and their entrees aren't so cheap either. If, however, someone has something great/amazing to say about one or both of these places based on a recent experience (preferably the last four months), than that would factor into my decision. Thanks a lot for all of the informative and quick responses everyone :).

          cognac fan

          Via Allegro
          1750 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M9C5H5, CA