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Fried Chicken to go

Where is the Best Fried Chicken in the Boston area.
I need to buy 30-40 pcs so price is a bit of a consideration.

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  1. I like Mrs. Jones in Dorchester. Great product, wonderful people and good prices as well.

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      the only thing about mrs. jones is that it's only wings iirc.

    2. Soul fire in Allston does a great job of fried chicken a little pricy 1/2 chicken around $12, maybe they will do a deal for quantity

      Soul Fire BBQ
      182 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA 02134

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        I dunno - I've gotten takeout fried chicken from Soul Fire twice and both times it was seriously subpar. The first time, about a year and a half ago, it was very crispy but incredibly salty (and I love salt, this was just way over the top). The second time, just a couple of weeks ago, it was bland and greasy. almost the opposite of my first visit.

        Maybe they can produce good chicken, but if so I've yet to see it.

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          Some fried chicken wings (typical southern-fried, not buffalo style) that I tried there a month or so ago were perfect - shatteringly crisp, well seasoned, and juicy. I ate them in-house, so perhaps they don't travel well, or perhaps they're just wildly inconsistent.

          The saucy wings I had on their monday all-you-can-eat night, however, were disgraceful.

      2. Coast Cafe in Cambridge is quite good. Might be on the pricier side, though for a larger order.... give them a call!

        1. I'm a fan of Lenny's Bakery on Blue Hill Ave. I think they only have thighs and drumsticks but at $1.25 per piece, they can;t be beat. You would probably need to pre-order that big an order.

            1. I'm most decidedly not a chain fan but I have to admit that if I had to provide fried chicken in quantity in Boston, I would go to Popeyes in Kenmore Square or Roslindale and buy whatever combo they were offering that day.

              The spicy style is a great fried chicken. I've never tried the regular but they seem to do chicken well. The biscuits are worth trying but for the rest of the sides, I'd go to Soul Fire. They are the only place I'll buy baked beans.



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                I think Popeyes is a fine suggestion as well. Has anyone else noticed that the chicken has improved since the re-opening in Fenway? Also that new Sweet Tea is also addictive.

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                  I get the feeling that the place is simply being run and promoted better.

                  I walked in and placed a routine order. The smiling young woman behind the counter pointed out that they were running a special that was nearly the same order, gave me some leftovers and was a much better value.

                  While some people would see that as short sighted, a smart business owner knows that that will bring me back. Now I check the specials everytime I walk by and they sometimes make a extra sale because they found a way to make me look at their signs all the time.


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                  Agreed, Popeye's is great chicken at a great price. I just wish there was one within walking distance of where I live.

                  1. re: BobB

                    Thanks for the recs. We did get Popeyes and the server was good enough to tell me they were offering a special of 10 pcs. (All parts) for 9.99
                    I got 40 pcs for 42.00 3 regular and 1 spicy. It gotten eaten up in a snap!
                    Mission accomplished.

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                      for those of you who get to chicago; try Harold's Chicken Shack; I remember them from my days working on the South Side.