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Oct 28, 2010 10:43 AM

Brunch with Anson Mill Grits and Biscuits (or similar?)

Hi Chowhounders!
My hubby and I moved here in May for NYC (loving it and the food is amazing!)--having a major brunch hankering for Anson Mill Grits and Biscuits. I mention Anson Mill, so for those of you in the know on grits, its a big difference from instant grits or even those grits usually found at diners. They are creamy and usually a bit heartier. I think there are various other kinds of more elevated grits like Anson Mills so open to other suggestions! I would love to find a brunch spot in LA (will travel in any direction, we live in Venice) as my go to for a yummy grits breakfast! For anyone who is familiar with the NYC/Brooklyn Brunch scene, we are majorly missing our brunches at Char No. 4, which had the most amazing grits and biscuits!

I found a few posts, most recommending where to buy or get more diner grits, so any help on my more specific request much appreciated!!

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  1. While I don't know Anson Mill from Haley Mills I like the grits and biscuits at Pann's - and you get their wonderful googie architecture, the best golden oldies rock & roll background tracks in LA (played at an "appropriate" level - ie. low enough but you can still hear them) and a United Nations cross section of LA as patrons. Also the greatest patty melt in LA, wonderful fried chicken and pea soup that can't be beat.

    Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
    6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

    1. It's good to hear from a New Yorker who likes hominy grits. When I lived Upstate, asking for grits at a roadside diner was a sure-fire way to get a funny look from your waitress.

      I admire the Anson Mills concept -- recover heritage grains like corn, rice, and wheat -- and have tried their grits at Rosemary's in Vegas and bought them at Surfas to make at home. Creamy they are, but I much prefer the workaday item I grew up on in ordinary Southern cafes and diners (my mother didn't do grits) and which I nowadays use to make such things as baked cheese and jalapeno grits.

      Do you remember the (Southern) courtroom exchange in My Cousin Vinny?

      Vinny Gambini [inexperienced low-rent lawyer with strong NY accent]: Eggs and grits. I like grits, too. How do you cook your grits? Do you like them regular, creamy, or al dente?

      Mr. Tipton [slow-talking Southerner]: Just regular I guess.

      So there's your proof that, gritswise, regular is best!

      Not convinced? Well, at least try them at Pann's, as Servorg recommends. By a long shot, Pann's also has LA's best biscuits. They're served with butter and honey by some of the sweetest waitresses around -- Penny, e.g.


      Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
      6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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      1. re: Harry Niletti

        Thanks Harry and Servog! I will try out Pann's- if you ever hear of a place in LA serving Anson or the like let me know! and if you are ever in Brooklyn try out Char No 4, its life changing!!

        Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
        6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

        1. re: Harry Niletti

          "They're served with butter and honey by some of the sweetest waitresses around -- Penny, e.g."

          I have never said this to Penny, because I wouldn't want to offend her, (and we really think the world of her) but I think she would have a great career in the Cartoon voice world if she ever got noticed by the right person.

        2. You should definitely, definitely check out the grits at Square One in Hollywood for brunch which they describe on th emenu as "stone ground," so they'll have the texture you're seeking, I think. Check out the salmon benedict while you're there.

          I'm not positive, but I think the ones at the Mercantile, also in Hollywood, might be Anson Mills. And I think when grits are on the menu at Animal for dinner, I believe those are Anson Mills since I know the rice they use for the loco moco is Anson Mills.

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          1. re: mollyomormon

            I second the grits at Square One; yum!

            1. re: mollyomormon

              Excellent grits at square one. And surfas sells them

              1. re: mollyomormon

                Yes -- the grits at Square One are Anson Mill, and they're great. Square One has become one of my favorite breakfast spots in L.A.

                1. re: noahbites

                  I fifth the grits at Square One! Didn't remember who made them, just knew that I liked them : )

                2. re: mollyomormon

                  I've never tried the foie gras loco moco, at Animal, is it really good? Can one get it without the Spam, or is it easy to take out the spam if there are no substitutions. (speaking of which, do they in fact, still do the "No substitions and deletions" shtick)


                  1. re: kevin

                    Easy to pull out. Still no having the kitchen change anything rule in place.