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Oct 28, 2010 10:27 AM

Where is the center of the LA food universe?

My wife and I are considering a move back to LA and it got me thinking.....if you could live anywhere in the city only based on access to good and diverse food both walking, driving and metro distance, where would you live? I was thinking somewhere a little west of downtown, like K-town. Any thoughts?

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  1. A highly subjective and debatable subject which has (as one would imagine) come up here before more than once:

    1. Much like the nature of the LA area, I don't think there is a single center of the LA food universe. I live in the SGV, and I like the abundance of Chinese and Vietnamese places. I think it's fairly well-located, but it really depends on what you're looking for.

      1. Tricky question, since L.A. is defined by its sprawl. That's why cars are de rigeur.

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          Exactly. Thai town, K-Town, J-Town, Chinese in the SGV, Mexican (all over but,) ELA... It's just so spread out.

        2. DTLA by a mile if you're talking about metro access.

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            You might bump this up in 20 years when we have a subway to the sea.

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              by default DTLA = center of LA

              pretty much any food worthy location in LA reachable within 30 minutes. (not necessarily by metro, just sayin)

          2. Indeed, LA is well known as a decentralized city. There have been attempts to improve downtown, but given the size of the city combined with lack of desire for traffic, that can only go so far. Thus, you'll continue to have places in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice, Pasadena, parts of the SFV and SGV and others.

            Personally, I'm quite content with this. I don't have to venture into downtown for a nice restaurant. I have options.