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Oct 28, 2010 09:14 AM

B & R bread?

I was shopping at Dave's Fresh Pasta the other day, and noticed that a couple of their baguettes were labelled B & R, which as far as I know had closed for good in July. The kid I asked about it didn't really know, but said if they are labelled as such, that's what they are.

We got a couple of demis and they were tasty, although not as pointy on the end as I remember. Any chance it on a reopened, or were we possibly eating Clear Flour?

Dave's Fresh Pasta
81 Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144

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  1. As I understood it, B & R was purchased by Nashoba Brook. Not sure what that means, but I suspect that they may have been Nashoba Brook baguettes. Damn shame, B & R made my favorite around..

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    1. re: celeriac

      Makes sense. They did look a little different, and the texture wasn't as good. Bummer, they were my favorites, too. The Nashoba version was decent, though...had that B & R smell. Thanks for the response.

    2. Salumeria Italiana in the North End has substituted Clear Four cibatta for B & R. It's not a bad loaf but not quite the same. I'll still pick one up every time I'm in the North End but I don't think I'll walk from the Back Bay to Salumeria Italiana to buy them.

      If I want a walk, it's just about as far to Clear Flour and then I have lots of other bread options.


      Salumeria Italiana
      151 Richmond St, Boston, MA 02109

      1. The B&R accounts were indeed sold to Nashoba; I used to do the overnight baking shift at B&R and eat the baguettes straight out of the oven. The baguettes and ciabatta were unbeatable. Clear Flour has some great breads, but I don't think the baguettes and ciabatta compare. Sad.

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        1. re: weaverknits

          Aaaaaaahhhh someone who actually knows the inside scoop. So, my favorite baguettes in town have historically been from B+R but I recently had some very good bread from what has to be another joint. Characterized by extremely pointy ends -- like take your eye out pointy. Are those Nashoba? I like Clear Flour, but I don't think these were from them. Ideas? Notions? Theories? Gawd forbid ... facts?

          1. re: yumyum

            We picked up a baguette at Savenor's that was labeled as a B & R from Nashoba. It wasn't bad, and was much better than the normal Nashoba baguette but the Cibatta was our real love so i can't tell how much this one was like B & R. I'd have to taste their version of the B & R Cibatta to make a judgment.