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Oct 28, 2010 08:38 AM

Romantic Birthday Location

My wife will be turning 63 in mid-November. I have known her since High School and we have been married 42 years. For some of her past birthdays I have taken her to City Island to one of her favorite seafood restaurants. She loves New England Clam Chowder and Lobster.
This year I would like to make her birthday something really special. Maybe "old age" is making me more sentimental.
Can anyone suggest a Westchester restaurant that is both romantic and serves great seafood? I don't want a place where a suit or sport-jacket is required but dressing up casually is not a problem.
We live on the Bronx/Yonkers border so lower Wetchester is preferable. I don't know if Yorktown,Mt. Kisco and or Katonah is considered lower Wetchester but I would not want to travel far beyond those towns.
Your help in creating a memorable occasion will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Kudos to you! Eastchester Fish Gourmet has both items on their menu. In order to get an idea whether or not it fits into the romantic category, here is the website:

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      Only problem is that it isn't a romantic setting. Kinda cramped and right on the main road. Food is still excellent by all accounts.

    2. I can recommend a couple of restaurants I like, but I don't think you'd go to either for lobster. It's out of season now though, isn't it?

      I love Rosie's Bistro in Bronxville and have even asked to be taken there on my birthday. I only eat seafood (not a meat or a poultry eater) and they do a great job with fish. They have a wonderful seafood stew (think it's called Chupin) over linguine and apart from the other fish dishes on the menu, they also have one or two fish specials each night. It is casual and pretty and the service is good. I like the vibe and find it romantic, although it's not quiet. They do have a website which I can't remember, but I think it is You can google and find out.

      Another restaurant that I really love for food and service is Toscana in Tuckahoe. Also Italian but they too have a wonderful way with fish and lots of inventive fish dishes on the menu. They have a website: Ask for Domenico and he'll take wonderful care of you. They got great reviews online. Very warm, tuscan feel to the place and great homemade desserts (but I didn't like their version of zabaglioni) -- they have a fabulous fruit tarte.

      Both restaurants are moderately priced, but you can always splurge on the wine.

      1. My favorite special occasion restaurant in lower Westchester is X20 in Yonkers. Not a strict seafood restaurant, but there are certainly many seafood choices (no NE clam chowder, but Yonkers shellfish chowder!). In fact, I will be dining there to celebrate my birthday next week.

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          Happy birthday in advance xaviars and thanks to all for your recommendations.

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            ohhh - xaviars! Now THAT's a treat! Enjoy - I am confident you will! and a very happy birthday celebration to you both!

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              ohhh - I was confused - I thought you were going to Xaviers - in Piermont - rather than X2O - I am sure you will enjoy that but I have never experienced that one myself.

            2. re: Marge

              I second X2O, the restaurant is absolutely beautiful. I recently had to make a decision on my gf's birthday and decided with Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I don't recommend it for you though because they just changed the concept of the menu so you don't get a list of ingredients so you can't specify to them that you want seafood =[. But X2O should be wonderful, I have never tried their seafood dishes though.

              71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers, NY 10701

            3. Add the Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville to your "to try" list. There are a number of seafood dishes on the menu, and it is one of the most consistently good restaurants in the area.

              Iron Horse Grill
              20 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570