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Oct 28, 2010 07:21 AM

Crazy Sandwich Shop?

Hello. I've been watching a lot of man vs. food lately and they seem to always feature sandwich shops that have lots of crazy combinations, such as the shop near Rutgers that puts mozzarella sitcks and french fries on their sub. Does anyone know of a place like that in Mass.? Preferably near Boston or Worcester, but Im willing to travel for my crazy sandwich. Thanks.

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  1. I know a place that will make a grilled squirrel meat sandwich with bacon, cheese, sausage, salami, pickles, onions, rattlesnake, and wild boar; the whole thing is topped with a deep fried ortolan and served on a brioche made with ostrich egg dough. It's really quite amazing though the sandwich IS kinda pricey.

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      Make sure you order that 'Phet Phet' style.

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        That supercilious sandwich sniffily sounds superior.

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          Puhleeze. I know of a sandwich shop that's all concept. The bread is ethereal and the fillings are lighter than air. The shop is so exclusive that not only does it have no sign, it has no address.

        2. A new British place in Framingham called Limey's Pub is serving chip butties. Here's a link to the thread:

          1. Fast Eddies on Commonwealth Ave does that. Order any sub "fat" and you get mozzarella sticks and fries. I would recommend the fat buffalo. Buffalo chicken tender, blue cheese, mozzarella sticks and fries in 1 giant sub!!

            Fast Eddie's Pizza
            1696 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA 02135

            1. You might consider a Brazilian X-Tudo, near to Boston Pastelaria Vitoria Broadway in Somerville is a good place, Tropical Cafe in Metrowest (Marlboro/Framingham). Can definitely get them in Worcester, but no rec (the Brazilian bakery on Rt 9 leaving Worcester going into Shrewsbury is one possibility). Hamburger with potato sticks, cheese, egg, corn, bacon or ham. Some places you can pay extra to have quail eggs instead, but the Pastelaria definitely doesn't offer this.

              The Portuguese Man-O-War Sandwich at the Snack Bar in Cambridge is somewhat similar. Pork, ham, egg, cheese

              As noted in the thread that Hiddenboston linked the South Coast has its Chourico and Chips sandwich. Note while some of these are big, they are not eating challenge size portions, just sandwiches with a lot of stuff in the first two cases and the fries for the last case.

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                I tried the X-Tudo at Pastelaria Victoria and it must be an acquired taste. I did have them hold the egg, but the rest of the stuff just seemed random to me and the burger itself wasn't so good.

                I did take a picture though.

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                  The camera definitely loves it, though.

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                    yumyum its definitely not for everyone and its a sandwich not a burger. In fact in Brazil most hamburger patties used for it are highly seasoned, sort of closer to a British "hamburger" or sausage patty than what we are used to. And most people in Brazil eat it by dabbing ketchup and mayo on each bite, so that is the prominent taste. At the Pastelaria you can get a x-filet (steak) or x-frango (thin chicken breast) for slightly better quality meat bits (although the burger is really the quintessential filling) or mix them up (burger + chicken/beef+chicken). That said, I like it for the potato sticks with the cheese and ham saltiness and wouldn't eat one w/o the egg, the burger there mostly provides texture and the corn sweetness along with mayo. As much an omelette on a sandwich as a burger (since you can get crepes in Brazil with potato sticks, there probably exists omelettes with those too). There are plenty of lousy ones in Brazil too, but also places which grind/season their own meat and use fresh fried straw potatoes. I prefer a good Brazilian hot dog, but those are even harder to find in Boston so the X-tudo hits the spot.

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                    I was at Vitoria this week on the way to a meeting and grabbed a slice of their insanely ham-laden pizza. It was pretty darned good.

                  3. Redneck's aka Cafe Mitti's in Allston has them for sure. It's called either the TNT or the MIT, one is with marinara sauce the other is without. Get the one with sauce, otherwise it is way too dry. That sub is ok, but way overpriced at $10 or so. The rest of their food is terrible, the only reason they are still in business is they are open until 3am. Which coincidentally is the only time I eat there.