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Oct 28, 2010 06:38 AM

Stocking up for a party: be$t place to buy beer/wine in NOVA

Live on the HIll, work in G'town, want to go immediately after work, and am inclined to head into NOVA for lower prices/taxes than, say, Dixie Liquor or other DC spots, but would rather not head all the way out to McLean to the Total Wine store.

I need a few cases of wine, ten cases of beer, would love to find a place that has bulk discounts. Any suggestions?

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    1. It's funny- when I need liquor, I drive into the District and go to Calvert-Woodley! But for that much beer and wine, Virginny is a wise choice. If you don't have a membership at Costco, Total Wine is really the only place worth a special trip. McLean isn't so far from Georgetown if you get on the Parkway and take 123/Dolley Madison. Plus Total Wine is like an adventure, a field trip for adults!

      1. Go to Maryland. Almost anywhere will be less than VA. I believe there is a Total Wine in Springfield if you really want to stay in VA. Springfield is about 20 min or so from Georgetown. (made that trip weekly for years when I was down there)

        I just looked on line and there IS still a Total Wine in Springfield:

        Tower Shopping Center
        6801 Bland Street
        Springfield, VA 22150-2613

        Almost across the road is a Trader Joes that also sells wine.


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          Thanks, all. W/O a Costco membership, it looks like I have a trip to McLean in my future.

          Prettypoddle, thanks for the leg-work on the Springfield location. I think without traffic, it's an even split, but I'll probably do McLean to avoid the mixing bowl.

        2. There's a Total Wine in Landmark Plaza, so even closer. Get off at the first Duke Street exit from 395, bear right into the parking lot coming off the ramp, it's in the upper left corner of the strip. And you can grab some good Afghan food at Maizbon in the same center, if you're in the mood.