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Oct 28, 2010 03:00 AM

Lazarras - anyone been?

going to be in area in November and thought I would try - reviewing menu didn't see margarita listed, so wondered if anyone has tried - liked/disliked?

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  1. i work pretty close to lazarra's and have eaten there quite a few times.
    every time i have i've asked myself why afterwards.
    The pizza tastes EXACTLY like pizza hut which I will admit does have a nostalgic charm all it's own but does not amount to being a destination pizzeria. The ingredients they use are pretty low quality. The heroes border on being completely inedible and the restaurant is FILTHY. Again, the pizza has a charm to it but I only eat it when my office orders large quantities of it and I neither have to pay for it or visit the restaurant.

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    1. re: El Tigre

      thank you, thank you.

      would you have any recommedations for the area.

      need somethign that a 20 year old jock nephew would like (i.e. - nothing fancy)

    2. do you mean the one in the garment district? if so, i would bypass this place. many of the companies i've worked for have ordered from here for department lunches and i find the pizza really salty and generally boring. it's not something i would ever go out of my way for, and actually, even when i worked around the corner, i wouldn't bother. heck, when it was free for catered work luncheons, i would order something else from a different eatery and pay for it out of pocket.

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      1. re: selenster

        you saved me - any recommendations as to where to take a 20 year old jock nephew - ie.e - nothing fancy!

          1. re: freckles1963

            do you need to stay within the area? are you only interested in italian/pizza? i have a few ideas, but they're not necessarily GREAT places to eat, BUT your 20 year old nephew would probably be fine with them:

            stout on w. 33rd has decent burgers, salads, mac & cheese, beers (oh wait, he's underage, heh). it's a serviceable place for coworkers to meet up for drinks after work so i think you will be OK; i took my friend here for lunch a few weeks ago and we had no complaints.

            what about korean? or is that maybe a little too exotic?

            another place i remember being OK for lunch is simply pasta (120 W 41st St, New York 10036
            (Btwn Broadway & 6th Ave)

            i haven't eaten there in a long time but i frequented it fairly often when friends worked nearby at conde nast and none of us ever complained. pastas are in the 10-14$ range.

        1. I would recommend Arturo's on Houston Street. The interior is very unpretentious and the pizza is very good. Its a fun place and the food is something that anyone can appreciate. Prices are fairly reasonable, 19-23 dollars for a large pizza (enough for 2 or 3).

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          1. re: XerxesAB

            YES! second arturo's on houston. what a lovely, well executed simple pizza with the exquisite crust only imparted from a brick oven. if only i worked in soho still; i would be ordering that indeed.